Using upgrade disc for clean install

  wrg 17:11 02 Apr 2010

I have the upgarde disc for Win 7 which I have installed. My laptop came with Vista. I understand you can do a clean install using the upgrade disc. Are there any benefits to doing this?



  james105051 18:11 02 Apr 2010

Advantages = Lean Clean Machine

Disadvantages = All software and settings will be lost and need to be re-installed.

  wrg 18:38 02 Apr 2010


Thanks for your response. How Lean Clean compared to what I have? I can create a Windows Easy Transfer Disc will this have the s/w and settings you mention?

  Pineman100 19:09 02 Apr 2010

I upgraded from Vista to W7 with a clean install. It's no problem - just be sure (of course!) that you've saved all your data files, photos, music files, emails, contacts and so on to an external drive of some sort, so that they can be re-loaded after your upgrade.

I certainly noticed a big difference in the computer's speed after the clean upgrade. I think this was partly due to W7's improvements over Vista, but it was also undoubtedly due in no small part to having a clean machine.

I would recommend it.

  wrg 19:21 02 Apr 2010


Many thanks for your reply. Did you use an upgrade version or full version? If so is it easy? Any pitfalls?

  wrg 14:05 04 Apr 2010


Did a clean install using the upgrade version and no problems well except 1. For my @ key I have to use shift2 and If I use the @ key it returns " which is what shift2 is meant to do, other than that all good. Thanks for your advice.


  T0SH 16:45 04 Apr 2010

Change your keyboard to UK english from US english in Control panel Region and Language icon

that will put the @ symbol back where it belongs

Cheers HC

  Pineman100 19:08 05 Apr 2010

Sorry I wasn't around to answer your supplementary questions, but as you've closed the thread I guess all is well.

  ame 12:54 06 Apr 2010

I just upgraded my laptop from Vista to W7 using the custom installation option with an upgrade disc. I followed Microsoft's own advice website but did not see (or did not get!)the option to format the hard disk first, so ended up with Windows.old and W7 installed alongside, which is not what I wanted. So be warned - best to ensure you do the full, clean format and install if you can.

  Simsy 20:08 06 Apr 2010

having an upgrade disc and a Vista installation...

What I did, (something that wasn't in the instructions), was boot from the upgrade disc. That allowed a full format and a completely clean installation.

This was an Asus upgrade disc, (as a result of buying my laptop with Vista in the window when a "free" upgrade was available.) The instruction was to run the disc from within Windows. Not doing that allowed the format.

All went well, though it did take a long time. About an hour if I remember correctly. At one stage I thought it had crashed.



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