Using IE9 - missing drop down menus

  xania 17:47 05 Jan 2012

I am struggling to come to terms with both Windows 7 and IE9. Call me a ludite, but I still prefer XP.. Never mind. More importantly, I do miss the drop down menues that were a feature of previous versions - where, in particular can I now manage my toolbars, ensure everything is locked etc. And finally, is it possible to convert the 'Tools' button into a toolbar?

  difarn 18:36 05 Jan 2012

You may find this article useful on IE9 features. Don't use it myself as I much prefer Firefox.

Stick with Windows 7 - it really is very good. Have a look at this article about toolbars.

If on the other hand you would prefer to have back some of the XP features, have a look at this article and the options it offers.

  xania 19:11 05 Jan 2012

I will certainly take a look at these, and I may even be taking up your comment on Firefox etc. Certainly I liked IE8 - even more certainly don't like IE9! I just wondering if I should go back!!

  Zak 19:17 05 Jan 2012

Try Chrome, I did and have not looked back.

Google Chrome

  xania 19:16 12 Jan 2012

It now appears that you get the drop down menus by pressing the key.

  xania 19:16 12 Jan 2012

  difarn 22:56 12 Jan 2012

Glad it's sorted.

  xania 13:38 23 Feb 2012

Sorry - that should be 'pressing the key

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