'the user profile service failed the logon'

  LayleK 19:02 01 Jun 2018

Hi I recently installed a new SSD to my pc and then transferred my OS from my HDD to my new SSD. Everything went fine and windows was booting fine from the SSD (re-ordered in bios) until I formatted my old HDD containing the OS now I can't log in to my user account. I tried the common solution of renaming the s-1-5 file deleting the bak ( I only had just one folder not two) in safe mode but it's still giving me the same message and I still can't logon.

Also when I go into safe mode it's just giving a black screen with a mouse cursor - no task bar or icons of any sort.

Could someone please help me thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 01 Jun 2018

have you tried everything from click here

  christinebelle 02:43 06 Jun 2018

You can follow this article to solve it: click here

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