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  kapil6271 13:24 16 Apr 2013

How to delete user profile in windows XP and windows7 ? What is use of user profile and what is advantage of deleleting user profile?

  lotvic 16:46 16 Apr 2013

The user is.... YOU.

The Operating System is XP or Windows 7

and a user profile is the OS's remembering all your tweaks and other programs you have installed to use.

If you delete the user profile the OS will be like a Car with no one to hold the steering wheel and work the pedals.

The OS does have a built in Administrators account to fall back on and that can't be deleted.

  kapil6271 07:13 17 Apr 2013

Means if we delete the user profile, all history related to installed programs, internet browser history will get clear...

  lotvic 12:51 17 Apr 2013

Is this related to the problem opening a .pdf file? other thread

You must give more details of any and all problems and programs you are having trouble with And any error messages that appear.

It is best to stick with one thread or you will get conflicting advice and end up with more problems than you started with.

Suggest you close one of the threads by clicking on big grey tick to the right of any of the posts. Tick will turn green and thread marked 'Resolved' when page is refreshed.

  jaywoo 21:46 17 Apr 2013

Sounds like study/exam questions.

  lotvic 21:52 17 Apr 2013

jaywoo, I agree, thanks for pointing that out, saves us wasting any more of our time.

  kapil6271 08:53 26 Apr 2013

this is not related with pdf issue.... i want to give my laptop friend for use...So i want clear all accessed paths in my system & internet browsing history...i can clear browsing history but the URL's which accessed by me through "run(win + r)" are still there So how to clear these and all other URL's ..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 26 Apr 2013

i want to give my laptop friend for use.

Reset the laptop to factory conditions

Use the wipe clear space tool in CCleaner to make sure nothing is recoverable from the drive.

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