User accounts and folders on a new laptop

  john bunyan 14:09 07 Feb 2018

I am about to buy a small but powerful laptop to be used by my wife and I. There is no need for either to have any secrets!. I would like, however, to have two user accounts so that each can use their own for iTunes (separate accounts) and e mail. The HD will be a 500 gig SSD, and I will buy also a 1Tb usb HD for back up. I do not want to use the Cloud much. I intend to partition it such that the C drive will be 150 gig for programmes etc and the D for data such as pictures, music, documents etc. I want most folders to be common between the 2 accounts, except for music and e mail (Each with their own via an Outlook account) Then I will , on the USB HD have a 500 gig partition for occasional clones, a 150 partition for Macrium images, and a 3rd 350 gig partition as a mirror image of the PC's data partition using synch toy or similar. I have a desktop for my main use but this new laptop will be much lighter than my previous ones that my wife dislikes. On that I have 69 Gig on the C drive and only 65 on the D drive as I have few videos. Most is for music and still photos.

I would be grateful for suggestions on filing as I always find that this drifts as time goes on. I want to ensure that as much of the user generated stuff goes to the D drive. As a final question; I have Photoshop CS 5 on the desktop and could install it on the new laptop, but am inclined to try Photoshop Elements 2018 on it as it seems as good for keen amateurs and I can do scanning and editing on the desktop with its much bigger screen. Also what adapters do I need as my usb peripherals have usb connectors and the proposed laptop has only a Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) port with Power Delivery

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 07 Feb 2018
  1. make the C: drive smaller (mine uses 35Gb on a 128Gb SSDthis includes several programs, I suggest 70Gb) and move the user folders of both accounts to the D: drive.

if you both have admin privileges then you can both access all files in either account. or you can share user folder click here -USB C adaptorsenter link description here

  john bunyan 15:33 07 Feb 2018


Thanks. May keep to a 250 gig Hd if a big price difference

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