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  anskyber 15:24 01 Mar 2007

I run Diskeeper 2007, it's very good. As part of the Vista changeover it was necessary to download the Vista version (naturally) which resolutely refuses to validate.

I have had a long running email exchange with Diskeeper who have been excellent in offering advice.

The latest advice is to;

"1. Close Diskeeper if it is open.

2. Go to services and stop the Diskeeper service.

3. Right click on the Diskeeper service and select Properties/Log On tab. 4. Change Log on as: to 'This account:' and enter your logged on Administrator credentials. 5. Click OK and then restart the Diskeeper service. 6. Now try activating again. If the activation fails to connect click on the Proxy button, don't change anything, click OK and then retry. (Sometimes the problem can be a simple time out)

4. Change the service logon back to System.

This will activate the licence"

I was able to get to the point of clicking "apply" to the "this account" change under 4. above and I was asked for a password.

I have not password protected this machine, I am at home and the only user so I do not regard it as necessary. All other things I do as Administrator have not required a password so I am very reluctant to try to enter a password.

A slim chance this I realise, is anyone aware of why on this single occasion I get caught out at the password stage. My reading so far has drawn a blank.

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