User account locked on resume from sleep

  Dipso 17:13 13 Jan 2008

Due to the length of time it takes for my Vista PC to boot up I have got into the habit of putting it to sleep when I have finished. When I wake the PC it is up and running again in minutes. This has worked fine for me until recently.

I now find that when I wake the PC I am presented with a "Locked" user account and have to log back in.

I also had one episode were I was streaming files across my network and had left the PC on logged in to my account and the streaming suddenly failed, when I checked the PC it had locked my account?

I have found 1 other report of similar behaviour but no solution, has anyone here come across this?

  tullie 18:27 13 Jan 2008

Maybe it would be better to look at why it takes so long to boot up?Mine takes well short off two minutes.Mine also says locked,but clicking on it does the trick

  Dipso 18:38 13 Jan 2008

It has always taken so long so I don't think that is anything to do with this recent problem in any case I have got used to using sleep and probably still will use that method.

I will be re-installing the OS shortly after my KIS trial ends but this "locked" problem has only started in the last couple of days. I have a virus scan running right now but don't think I've picked anything up.

The logging in thing isn't such a big deal but if the PC is going to lock while I am streaming that is going to get annoying.

  pchelper001 19:41 13 Jan 2008

in control panel, go to power options, then on the left hand menu at the top it says "require a password on wakeup" click this, and then go to the bottom of the page. if the options are unavailable click the make available link at the top of the page.

  Dipso 20:57 13 Jan 2008

You are a star! Thank you so much, that sorted it.

To satisfy the inquisitive in me, any idea why this setting changed?

  pchelper001 09:10 14 Jan 2008

a recent windows update changed it all, i had the same problem!!!

  Dipso 17:00 14 Jan 2008

I thought that may be the case but I uninstalled the one I thought would have caused it and nothing changed...thanks again! :)

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