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  SteveWH 06:20 01 Mar 2007

How many of you have turned this off?

It really does get on the nerves after a while why can't it be configured to warn just about programme installations?

I have serveral programmes that have to run in administrator mode to work, every time I need to use then I have to click through a warning which is a real pain. I have turned it off but I notice now that protected mode in IE is also off seems a pretty naf way of implementing security all or nothing!

  anskyber 11:35 01 Mar 2007

It's the big ache with Vista. I have got used to it in a way and like many just click though quite rapidly.

I take more care if I know I am in the middle of something else or I am installing or altering something.

Sure Vista is more secure but some of the extra security comes by putting the onus squarely on our shoulders through having to agree much more before it will do things.

I wish it had a capacity to "learn" but it seems it is set up to ask each time even though it may be a familiar program in case that program has become infected.


  Kate B 12:55 01 Mar 2007

I'm leaving it - I think it's useful, though I wish it didn't flash the screen. It nearly gave me heart failure the first couple of times and it still makes me jump.

  SteveWH 14:58 01 Mar 2007

Kate, I know what you mean I think this is another reason why I ditched it it is very disconcerting.

  PurplePenny 21:58 01 Mar 2007

I find it annoying that it warns me every time Adobe Update Manager wants to run. I've checked the Help and the only alternatives are tell it allow the blocked app to run or tell it not to allow it to run. I want to be able to tell it to *always* allow it to run

Other update apps don't seem to trigger it, you would think that it would be easy enough for something from Adobe to be approved so it didn't trigger the UAC.

I haven't turned it off yet but I'm tempted.

I haven't noticed the screen flash, I've only seen it dim (so that the UAC dialogue box shows up I suppose).

  bennyhillslovechild 05:30 02 Mar 2007

I'm very tempted to turn it off at the moment... I like the idea of it, but the lack of a learning function is a real oversight in my opinion... Example - I run [email protected] Without being run as administrator, it won't download any new work cores, but if I set it to always run as administrator under the compatibility tab in properties, Defender won't allow it to start up. Rather more worryingly the same with NOD32 my antivirus. And I can't for the life of me find an option in Defender to allow these to run.

  Micon 06:39 02 Mar 2007

I have UAC turned off personally and in a coporate enviroment gives me grief when its turned on, even trying to do network program installs it wont allow them to go through even when i allow the program to run not always the case but with most programs it does.
So i prefer to have it off.

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