Used hard drive as internal 2nd drive

  Andrew Hay 14:50 18 Apr 2017

Pretty new to this but would like to use an old hard drive i salvaged from an old laptop as a 2nd storage device on gaming pc connected internally. How do i go about erasing all data off this old drive and having it ready as a fresh drive so i can continue booting from my main drive?

  Archonar 16:12 18 Apr 2017

Plug it into the pc (with the pc turned off), and then boot and enter BIOS, set it as a lower boot option than your primary hard drive. You can now boot the pc and it will boot from your main hard drive so you can reformat the drive.

Here is how to completely wipe a drive: click here. Obviously since you are wiping the drive you will lose all data on it, make sure that anything you may want has been copied off first. You must also be careful that you wipe the correct drive, make sure you triple check before making any changes!

Once you have done all of that it will need to be formatted to be usable, follow this guide: click here

Once all of that is done you will be able to use the drive as extra storage for your pc. If you have any issues just post them here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 18 Apr 2017

Asuming its a 2.5" drive out of a latop there may be an adaptor screwed to the drives connector that needs to be removed.

Then connect a SATA powercable from the PSU (if there isn't a spare you can get a splitter cable) and data cable to the drive and connect the data cable to a spare SATA port on the motherboard.

Depending on your make of desktop will depend on how you can secure the drive in a spare drive bay.

Once installed Power on and windows should find it and all you need to do is right click and select format from the menu this will wipe it and leave it free for use.

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