Use of Win USB Recovery Drives

  dcforum 10:46 13 Dec 2015

I have just made a Win8.1 USB Recovery Drive, the plan is to use it together with a system image file to restore my PC in the case of severe problems.. Iis this drive now tied to the PC on which is was created or cann it be used to restore other win 8.1 PCs – obviusly using different sytem image files. Also if I upgrde to Win 10 can the win8.1 recovery drive be used or will I have to creted a win10 Recovery Drive

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 13 Dec 2015

could be used on similar PCs

you need to make a new one for 10

  robin_x 14:25 13 Dec 2015

I'm not a fan of the USB Recovery drive system.

Making DVD or USB Installation Media is more flexible and reliable.

Use W8.1 or W10 Media Creation Tool, then you get all the same tools but can also make an In-place Upgrade (Repair Install)


I'm also not a fan of Windows Image Backups

Macrium Reflect Free is much better for making Images

(enable the PE10 Boot Menu in 'Other Tasks')


Enabling Windows 10 Legacy boot may also be helpful

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