USB Port Not Work after installed windows 7

  iftyodesk 08:31 27 Apr 2017

Hi, I have one desktop Lenovo Model:TC M700 Processor-Core i3,6th 3.75,RAM 4GB DDR4, HDD:1TB SATA.

I installed windows 7 then USB is not working. I heard its windows 8 or 10 supported PC, that's why usb will not work. Is it true? Is there any way to work USB?


  Archonar 08:53 27 Apr 2017

This will be because it is a usb 3.0 port which Windows 7 does not support natively. Download the win7 usb 3 driver for your pc here. Using the "Operating system" drop box select Windows 7 and either 32 or 64 bit depending which you are using, and then using the "component" drop box select "USB Device, FireWire, IEEE 1394" and download the driver that appears.

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