usb copying to sd card via drag/drop

  shrike80 18:22 28 Jul 2018

I have just sorted etc about 3000 pictures and a lot of music into headings and I'm trying to drag and drop onto an sd card via usb.the only trouble is every time I've finished go back to check and the folders have got nothing in them. this happens on two laptops and a desktop all running 7 ultimate.and even if I do single track or photo and verify its copied.can someone please help

  Shepherd81 13:20 03 Aug 2018

Hi man, I dont know if I can help you but first of all you should first sort out what you want to write and then grammar control it twice. It is really hard to follow your thought on this one! Anyway I will try. You saying you copying folder and files per drag and drop (mouseclick) in windows explorer from your local hard drive to an sd card? Thats what I understood so far. And after you finished copying all the files and you check what got copied nothing but the folder are shown? Or did nothing get copied? First thought would be: double check the free space! How big (GB?) are those files and how much can your SD carry?

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