Usb Converter for an old keyboard Fujitsu Fkb4700

  CrisMod 06:22 01 Sep 2018

I've got an old keyboard that I bought a long time ago that I want to use with my current newer Windows computer but obviously the connector is different. It's a Fujitsu Fkb4700 with 5pin din connector. Upon googling I found this XT/AT To USB Converter by tinkerBOY. Will this work?

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  Govan1x 10:39 01 Sep 2018

Probably Cheaper buying a new keyboard.

  CrisMod 11:28 01 Sep 2018

Yes you're right but I really love this keyboard and would nice if I can use it for my daily browsing/computing.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:49 01 Sep 2018

Will this work?

Those intelligent converters usually work really well although you may find that the keyboard only works in Windows. If it doesn't then there'll be a problem accessing the BIOS and perhaps the recovery/restore options that work outside of Windows.

  wee eddie 13:08 01 Sep 2018

Better check that your connection is not PS2.

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