USB Browser Mouse Driver in Vista

  Jake_027 22:40 16 Mar 2008

Not a problem but a very interesting solution! Having spent all afternoon trying to get windows to install a USB Browser mouse (£5 one from Tesco) and having no success whatsoever I've finally found a solution. The problem was every time I tried to install the driver Vista came up with the error message "The inf file for this device was written for windows 95 or later" and left the mouse as an unknown device in device manager. Right clicking and selecting update driver software automatically did nothing. After many tries I selected "browse my computer for driver software" followed by "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" and then under "mice and other pointing devices" instead of selecting "USB Browser mouse" (which it is) I selected "HID-Compliant mouse". This installed successfully and the mouse started working. I then went back to it in device manager and clicked "update device software" again and letting windows do it automatically. This installed the USB Browser mouse software and the mouse still works so now I'm chuffed. Having spent the best part of three hours trying to fix this I'm posting it up in the hope it might help others as it's being driving me insane!

Good old vista eh? :)

  mooly 19:14 27 Nov 2008

My mouse has just done the same. And I found this which worked.
Spent ages looking on the web, this problem comes up so many times. Nothing worked, but this did.

  magicianhumphrey 02:45 04 Jan 2009

Also works with wireless mouse when you get the same installation error 'USB Browser Mouse' fails to instsll etc. That was also a Tesco one... and Thanks I was near giving up!.

  mooly 07:58 04 Jan 2009

Jakes solution certainly works. Once this file (INF) is corrupted -- and I really wonder whether it is corrupted in the normal sense, why SFC repair doesn't work. It would be interesting to ( after backing up of course ) to delete it - if it will let you - and then copy the INF from a working PC.
Mine was a Lidl mouse, wish I had not returned it now, they will be on offer again though.
click here
Once this happens no USB wireless mouse worked for me, but they all did using this trick. Maybe there's just a registry setting that is "flipped" incorrectly -- no one knows !

  tullie 16:23 07 Jan 2009

Every usb mouse ive bought so far works straight out of box.

  mooly 17:37 07 Jan 2009

Hello Tullie,
This seems to be huge problem -- just google, "the INF file for this device was written for windows 95 or later" to get some scale of the problem. I might start a new thread on this, I would love to "fix" the problem. Even folks that have reinstalled Vista find the same issue crops up. I don't know enough about what I am doing to even begin to tackle this. Some report success by deleting the .INF folder and copying a replacement from another PC. Fortunately the workaround is OK, but it would be nice to have a definitive fix. A lot of Logitech stuff was affected apparently, webcams etc.

  killicops 14:20 16 Apr 2009

OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!! This has literally been driving me mad!

  noller 12:43 14 Jul 2009

Thanks for saving my sanity!!
Your solution works for my wireless trust mouse.
Neither Microsoft or Trust have been able to fix it.
i have been forced to exist with only a "finger pad" for a week or two.
I will tell trust so they can help other users from self destructing!.
I will try and copy and paste your solution so as not to deny you the credit.
Thanks again.

  SlipStream1209 18:30 09 Aug 2009

Thank you so much for this, I know this thread is kind of old, but it still helps a lot!

  Grrrrrrrrr 21:05 30 Aug 2009

Yeah Very Big Help Thanks. Was Linked to this subject and found the solution perfect , amazing to have the use of my mouse back after two weeks of mouse keys =_=

  SharePointSaq 09:51 14 Sep 2009

This post was really halpful. Thank you.

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