Usb 3.0 devices not working in usb 2.0

  jarviscoc 17:12 12 Jun 2017

Dear sir/maam I am using dell alienware x51 windows 10 64bit sl machine and whenever i try to insert usb 3.0 devices nothing happens(no sound nothing as if no device is attached and no errors in device manager)....nothing is showing in disk management software and same in device manager (hidden included). I have tried these things 1)Reboot (and checked bios for the same) 2)Removing power supply 3) Uninstalling and reinstalling (upgraded one) renesas usb 3.0 extensible host controller Note-I don't think that it is related to a hardware problem because my usb 2.0 devices are working absolutely fine in usb 3.0 ports. Please help i am using Windows 10 Version 1607 (os build 14393.0)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:47 12 Jun 2017

Front or rear ports the same?

if all USB3 ports not working then it does sound like a USB controller problem.

Anything in BIOS need setting?

  wee eddie 19:53 12 Jun 2017

If the USB 3 Device requires to draw operating power through that Port, USB 2 may not be providing sufficient for its needs

  jarviscoc 04:12 13 Jun 2017

Only rear ports are 3.0 and all 3.0 ports are not able to read 3.0 devices (usb 2.0 devices are working in usb 3.0 ports (all))...there is nothing to check in bios Note-when inserting usb 3.0 devices in usb 2.0 ports then they are working but when connected in 3.0 ports nothing is happening

  wee eddie 09:24 13 Jun 2017

Are you sure that the USB 3 Ports are connected

  jarviscoc 10:07 13 Jun 2017


  alanrwood 10:09 13 Jun 2017

Wee eddie

He says that USB2 devices work in the USB3 sockets so they must be connected.

  jarviscoc 10:09 13 Jun 2017


  wee eddie 11:52 13 Jun 2017

Perhaps I should rephrase that:

Are you sure that the USB 3 Ports are connected to the USB 3 Connections on the MOBO

  jarviscoc 11:57 13 Jun 2017

If it is not connected to those ports then how it is reading 2.0 usb devices

  Jollyjohn 12:52 13 Jun 2017

Is this your PC? click here Reading the specs it does not mention USB 3, only superspeed ports? A chat box pops up, I would suggest contacting Dell and see what they suggest.

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