usb 2 problem

  estuary 15:17 05 Nov 2012

Since installing win 8 upgrade from win 7 I have one usb 2 socket in the front panel which does not work. In device manager it comes up as an unknown device and windows cannot find the driver. I have tried to put in the original driver from the chipset dvd but that did not work.. All other 5 usb sockets work ok although the 2 usb 3 ones don't seem as fast. It would have to be the one at the front that's faulty as now it means grovelling around at the back of the case. The motherboard is Asus P8H77-M PRO . I have looked at the Asus and Intel sites and can't find the solution. Any ideas please.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:26 05 Nov 2012

Buy yourself a hub. Something like the first on the list here. Ebay.

But as to your problem, do you only have one front USB port? But if the driver disk did not work, did you try installing the chipset drivers? Windows 8 seems to be throwing up so many problems, far more than there were with Windows 7, I am not sure why so many people are rushing in with the upgrade as it is really aimed at touch surfaces rather than for most desktops.

  estuary 15:42 05 Nov 2012

I have two front USB ports , one USB 2 and one USB 3. I have tried installing the chipset driver from the original dvd but with no success.The USB 3 port is ok. I went for win 8 as my pc is only 4 months old and thought all would be straightforward and at £ 14.99 was a good deal ? The upside is that really like win 8 as it a lot quicker and I like the features and interface.

  Forum Editor 15:44 05 Nov 2012

Chronos the 2nd

"I am not sure why so many people are rushing in with the upgrade as it is really aimed at touch surfaces rather than for most desktops."

Windows 8 was certainly designed with touch screens very much in mind, but it will run perfectly on most computers with ordinary screens, provided the hardware configuration meets the installation requirements.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:03 05 Nov 2012


I thank you for the information,most helpful.

  estuary 18:12 05 Nov 2012

I really don't want a hub ,all I am trying to do is to get one usb port to work. Any ideas would be appreciated ?

  rdave13 00:25 06 Nov 2012

Have you tried uninstalling the unknown device in device manager then selecting the action tab and ' scan for new hardware'.?

  pk46 01:31 06 Nov 2012

I agree with the forum editor comments ,i tried W8 on one of my decktop computers that is 2 years old all i can say after many hours of giving WINDOWS 8 a go ALL I CAN SAY is W8 IS NOT A DESKTOP OS no matter how Microsoft try to dress it up all i can say is IT IS CRAP it makes Vista look like the top OS, and as for business use forget it.

  pk46 01:34 06 Nov 2012

Sorry for dual comment error on thread.

  rdave13 01:42 06 Nov 2012

pk46 I disagree. Works better with an old laptop, Compaq 500, than when it had Vista. Never upgrade carrying all your programs and documents over. If you used an upgrade version that is.

It's Win 7 for a cheap price if you look under the bonnet, for a desktop.

  estuary 08:37 06 Nov 2012


I have done that but still no joy. It shows up as fault code 43 which is either a driver or hardware problem. As I have tried four different usb sticks which work ok in other ports then it must be the driver at fault. It seems strange that all other usb 2 ports work fine? I think I will try reinstalling windows 8 ,this time as a clean install instead of an upgrade in case something got corrupted the first time.

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