Urgent excel help needed.

  Lisa Ruth 21:47 15 Jan 2019

Is there an IF statement that will calculate something based on a text entry.

A1 = value A2 = true / false A3 = 'if A2 = true then = A1 + 20%, if false then = A1

  Taff™ 08:28 16 Jan 2019

I would create A4 IF a2 = True it returns -20%

Then amend your original A3 cell to be = SUM (A1*A4)

Head the fourth column Discount maybe

Get the gist?

Where's VOG when you need him LOL

  wiganken2 09:55 16 Jan 2019

Have you tried Microsoft Office Forum? click here

  Kevin Alders 17:02 16 Jan 2019


Should get you started. Remember to Data Validate Cells B1 with "TRUE" and C1 with "FALSE".

  Kevin Alders 17:28 16 Jan 2019

Scratch that, you only want three columns. =IF(B1=TRUE,A1*20/100+A1,IF(B1=FALSE,A1))

Place a Data Validation List in Column B. TRUE,FASLE.

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