upload files to a different drive

  tony-guitar 20:58 07 Oct 2012

Hi, Windows is installed on Drive C which is a 120 Gb SSD, and everything i upload defaults to there, but i also have a 1Tb HDD (drive D)that i want to use as main storage for image/music files etc. I've already copied across all the image files/folders i previously uploaded to the D drive, but can i 'tell' Windows to upload to drive D automatically? I want to keep the SSD as clear as possible. Thanks

  Nontek 21:13 07 Oct 2012
  rdave13 21:50 07 Oct 2012

I don't bother with redirecting 'My docs..photos...music folder but leave them where they are on the C: drive. Instead I create new folders on the data drive. For instance, on my D; drive I've created a new folder called Downloads. Now in IE, if you click the tools icon, in the dropdown menu select 'View Downloads'. On the bottom left click on 'options'. You get a window up to select default download location. Use the Browse tab to find 'D:/downloads' folder. Select OK. Your downloads will go to D: downloads. If the downloaded program needs to be installed then create a new folder named for that program on D:. For example, I download and save Ccleaner. It goes to D: download folder. On D: I create another folder called CcLeaner, then go back to download folder and run Ccleaner's .exe file. When it is installing it will ask where to install, select browse and find D: Ccleaner folder and install there. You'll still get the shortcut icon and start icon on your desktop to run Ccleaner but it will be installed on your Data drive and not on the C: drive. More reading than actually doing it lol.

  tony-guitar 22:08 07 Oct 2012

I did that with Picasa 3. I uninstalled from 'C', then re-installed to drive D. But i don't like its UI. I seem to be forever scrolling. I prefer the way Windows organises them, so would still prefer to use that instead. I guess it still means re-directing to 'D' somehow.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:38 08 Oct 2012

When I reinstall Windows on my SSD the first thing I do is move all the MY Folders to a larger (1GB)Sata HDD. This is the method I use Move Folders.

On another 1TB HDD I have all my games including my 467GB Steam games installation.

All I have on my 128GB M4 is my OS and around 70+ programs with around 60GB still free.

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