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Upgraded to W10 from W7. Email help.

  Bytegiga 10:01 11 Jan 2020

I've just upgraded to Windows 10 from 7. I was previously using Windows Live Mail 2011, which doesn't appear to be available with W10. Is there any way to set up my email so I can recover my old emails from WLM 2011?

When I click on Mail in W10 it displays a list of options (eg, but I don't know know which one to choose. I don't really know what I'm doing tbh.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:31 12 Jan 2020

... using an eMail Client will store your email addresses but all the details of your Contacts will be lost.

I'm lost too - please explain fully what you mean by that statement.

In my experience, all the contacts in an Outlook PST file are imported fully into eM Client.

  wee eddie 22:32 12 Jan 2020

Sorry SS, I was under the impression that eM Client was not able to import the Notes Section of MS Office - Outlook's Contacts Section in an easily manageable format

  Secret-Squirrel 09:27 13 Jan 2020

I've installed the free MS Office alternatives for many users and they've all been delighted. The average home user rarely needs to spend £250 for Microsoft Office with Outlook.

  wee eddie 09:41 13 Jan 2020

Thanks SS: I have taken note and will reconsider the matter in October, when Office 2010 runs out of steam

  aphrodite42 11:19 13 Jan 2020

Firstly, sorry for tagging this on to previous post rather than starting a new post. Wrists duly slapped. Thanks for all the answers but OMG I am still confused. 'mrgrumpy' - my storage folders are in Outlook just like Inbox etc. and presumably included in the pst file. Would I be able to store a copy of the pst file on USB stick and then copy to new PC? and would this work with 'ss' - I have no disk so think it is OEM. Would I export the pst file and then import on new PC if I installed and would it contain everything - all folders, address book etc. Sorry to sound like a numpty but everything seems to get more and more complicated nowadays.

  wee eddie 14:10 13 Jan 2020

aprodite42: Firstly, Outlook, which is part of Microsoft Office, is not the same as

I am just guessing but; If you tried importing the Outlook.pst file into you might get the email addresses or, you might not.

Microsoft has guarded .pst for years and, as we have been told by SS, eM Client can display the contents of a .pst file in a recognisable way. I have not tried it yet.

Maybe some other eM user can give us an opinion.

There's a long list of programs that will Manage & Consolidate email from various Addresses. However I am only interests in the information that I have held on each Contact's Note Page. Since I retired, I have slimmed that down to just short of 480. Some of which contain family details that have gleaned since the late 80's, early 90's. Just done a check, some details go back to the 60's and were transferred from my Filofax!

  Secret-Squirrel 17:17 13 Jan 2020

........but OMG I am still confused.

I'm not surprised with all the confusing waffle that's been posted in response to your simple query ;)

Would I be able to store a copy of the pst file on USB stick and then copy to new PC?

Here's how you can export your Outlook PST file and save it somewhere such as a USB stick. Expand the Outlook 2007: Export items to a .pst file section on that webpage for step-by-step instructions.

....... and would this work with 'ss'

No. is a web service accessed via your web browser and you can't import your computer's PST into it. You can however import it into the Outlook program (if you decide to buy a new copy) or the free eM Client that I mentioned yesterday. Both have to be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your new computer.

......and would it contain everything - all folders, address book etc.

To reiterate what I said yesterday, that single PST file contains all your messages, folders, and address book etc.

  aphrodite42 10:50 14 Jan 2020

Thank you Secret-squirrel for helping out a 77-year old enthusiast. I think I am a little wiser as to what I need to do when I get my new PC.

eMClient would not be suitable for me as I have 5 email addresses which I use for different purposes.

I have been surfing and see that it is possible to download the Outlook program which would be my ideal solution. I am going to give the process a try by downloading onto my Windows 8.1 laptop and if all is well I shall be ready to go with W10 (I hope!!)

  wee eddie 15:51 14 Jan 2020

Secret-Squirrel: I have just downloaded eM Client and transferred a copy of my Outlook.pst file to it.

It failed to transfer the Notes part of Outlook’s Contacts pages. For me, that is a deal breaker

Come October, I shall have to decide which version of Office to run with.

Still, it was worth a try.

Thank you for giving me hope of saving money, even if it was momentary!

  Brian Hamilton 17:26 14 Jan 2020

SS: The only problem with your solution is that using an eMail Client will store your email addresses but all the details of your Contacts will be lost.

Err!! I thought the OP just wanted contacts? I'm confused myself, are you talking about the notes within the contacts? That you imported from your Filofax back in 1960?

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