Upgraded product key for new installation (Win10)?

  JL177 00:31 01 May 2017


I have upgraded "Windows 10 Pro" from "Windows 7 Pro" last year and it was activated. Now, I need to reinstall Windows 10 Pro. However, there are some questions:

  • Can I use the product key (received from Microsoft last year) for a direct installation of Windows 10 pro (without installing "Window 7 Pro" fist)?
  • The original "Windows 7 Pro" was an OEM-Version. Would that be a problem?

Thanks for answers.

  Forum Editor 00:40 01 May 2017

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  alanrwood 09:12 01 May 2017

If your previous Win 10 was activated then your computer registration will be stored on Microsoft Activation Servers and a reinstall will be automatically activated when you connect to the internet. You do not need the previous product key at all.

  JL177 14:32 02 May 2017

Hi alanrwood,

Thanks for the answer.


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