upgrade xp to vista

  stephen1978 19:41 26 May 2008

hi guys can anyone advise me plz

ive been using xp for a while but now im thinking of upgrading to vista do i need to buy a pc or laptop with vista already installed or can i just upgrade my own pc and laptop ???

pc - xp haome -sp3

celeron- (r)cpu 2.80ghz

224mb ram

laptop- toshiba L30 xp home but vista compatable

any advise would be great


  bremner 20:06 26 May 2008

Vista need at least 1GB of dedicated memory to run effectively.

You say you have 224MB which in fact is likely to be 256MB with 32MB being taken by the on board graphics.

  anskyber 20:08 26 May 2008

Your PC will not meet the minimum system requirements, click here although the RAM could be upgraded there is also the issue of your graphics card.

Your laptop should be checked to see iof it is only Vista basic or could run premium. A suitable XP machine can be upgraded, I did it, but system requirements (particularly adequate RAM0 are crucial.

The upgrade advisor click here will help with any non compliance issues particularly any hardware and software points.

  bremner 20:09 26 May 2008

I have checked on Crucial click here and that laptop can take 2GB of RAM. I would plump for the ull 2GB if you decide Vista is what you want.

  stephen1978 20:26 26 May 2008

where would the best palce to buy pc memory ??

  bremner 20:42 26 May 2008


  chub_tor 20:48 26 May 2008

Crucial is a very reliable brand and I would click on the link supplied by bremner and order from there. It will cost you less than £30 for a very worthwhile upgrade. If you Google laptop memory replacement you will find lots of sites to show you how to do it. It is one of the easiest upgrades to perform.

  stephen1978 21:03 26 May 2008

so all i do is order 2gb of memory upgrade the drivers from toshiba web site and thats it ??

can i install the memory myself or not ??

  mrwoowoo 00:30 27 May 2008

Easiest upgrade on a pc.
Just make sure the white clips at the side of the slot are pushed back out the way before insertion.
click here

  chub_tor 09:17 27 May 2008

No drivers to install, if you have installed the memory chips correctly the BIOS will pick it up when you boot. You can check that it is all there By right clicking Computer on your desktop then clicking on Properties.

  tullie 13:39 27 May 2008

And of course,buy Vista

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