upgrade to windows 8 from XP

  carver 10:00 28 Nov 2013

So sorry if this has been asked before and most likely it has but, I am going to build a new PC for my daughter who is 22.

For the past 6 years she has been using one with XP on and now wants a new OP system the question is will it be Windows 7 or Windows 8.

She will not have a touch screen just a 24" LED monitor, to be honest I have no idea what windows 8 is like as an OP system.

I can't advise her on some thing I have no idea about but don't want to waste money on a system she might hate.

She uses her present PC for a few games, storing photos, web us and now does all her work for the livery yard on it using office 2010?.

The new PC will be able to cope with any system just need to be able to give her some advice and who better to ask than people who use it.

  nickf 14:19 28 Nov 2013

I use both ( 8.1 on my tablet , 7 on my desktop ) . 8 seems quite a bit quicker and has a full std desktop as well as the live tile screen . Live tiles are not that nice to use without touch and can be a bit disorientating at first , but once you are into desktop mode it is very slick .

  Woolwell 16:59 28 Nov 2013

I bought a new PC for someone recently and went for W7. I use W8 and W7 but W8 is a big change for someone who has only used XP. I don't think that there are enough advantages to go for W8 on a desktop without a touchscreen.

  chub_tor 19:26 28 Nov 2013

I have used every Windows OS from 3.1 right through now to 8.1 and I am a convert to Windows 8. Yes it is a big learning curve but the live tile Metro screen is simplicity itself to use with a mouse especially if you can still get a mouse with a horizontal tilt scroll wheel. Win 8 boots up very fast and if you use a SSD to store the OS you will be up and running in less than 20 seconds from pushing the on button. Having all those tiles in front of you may be daunting the first time but you immediately have access to Mail, Contacts, Browsers and clicking on any one of them will automatically load them in desktop mode if they are not of the App type. And you can just click on the Desktop App button if you want to go there or of course you can use the settings to boot straight to the desktop.

Personally I would not go back to Win 7 and if I ever build another PC my first choice of OS would be Win 8.1

  rdave13 20:22 28 Nov 2013

I totally agree with chub_tor with the exception that a 22 year old might not have such a 'learning curve' that us ... um... 'old fashioned', let's say, computer users might have. Go for Win 8 as that is the future. Windows 7 was the last 'XP' type of OS. Let them rest in peace.

  carver 20:48 28 Nov 2013

Thanks for you thoughts, personally I use windows 7 and love it, been one of the most stable OP systems I've used.

I'll speak to her then let her make her own mind up.

Once again thanks.

  rdave13 21:22 28 Nov 2013

Just for curiosity would you let us know which one she picks? I go for 8, as long as you don't persuade her, too much, for Windows 7. Thanks.

  carver 22:12 28 Nov 2013

I going to let her make her own mind up, safest way.

Well she is a woman.

  AroundAgain 16:11 29 Nov 2013

Hi I set up a new pc with Win 8 for a friend of mine recently. It was the first time I'd seen Win 8, so I did check things out via Google and a pdf Win 8 book that I downloaded so as to learn as I went.

I found Win 8 to be fine, especially when I found out how to do different things. Like any change, you have to look in different places for the function you want.

As my friend had been using XP for years, I installed Classic Shell, which made it very much like XP/7 in that there was the Start Globe etc. I also discovered how to put a ShutDown button on the desktop, so she didn't have to go through various menus to find it.

She was a very good 'learner' when given instruction and now has been using this Win 8 PC for a couple of months and has had no problems.

Now, there is the 8.1 version available, which apparently does very much what the Classic Shell does but with some differences, so I would say Win 8 would be a good one to opt for.

If she subsequently gets, or her peers get, touchscreen laptop/tablet, then the OS can be the same, which I would consider to be a bonus.

As already mentioned, I did notice how quickly it booted up, especially when compared to her old XP machine.

At the end of the day, it has to be her decision, hopefully based on good information.

Yes, as mentioned, it would be good to hear what she decides on, and how she then finds it.


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