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Upgrade from windows 8 to windows 10

  Strawballs 21:17 20 Jan 2016

Has anybody here used the free upgrade offered from microsoft to windows 10, if so how long did you have to wait for the download?

  robin_x 13:08 23 Jan 2016

I spotted an interesting article today in the PCA Trending (Right sidebar) Section

How to get Windows 7 for free

  Forum Editor 14:17 23 Jan 2016


"The only thing I would pay for is a decent version of Windows that I could use because at the moment I cannot use W10. I have it I struggle with it..."

I'm not sure that I understand why you can't use Windows 10 - what is it about that version that prevents you from using it?

Each new version of Windows is slightly different, but most people find that, after a familiarisation period, they are fine. An exception was probably Windows 8, which was aimed at a touch-screen market which didn't materialise and lots of people - including me - hated the tiled interface.

Windows 10 is not like that, however, and I would be interested to know why you can't get along with it.

  Govan1x 14:59 23 Jan 2016

Forum Editor

It could be age related I don't know. I had W8 and w10 since they first came out and just cannot get on with any of the two of them.

W7 I could whiz through that twice as fast as W8 or W10. The simplest things that you used to get on All programs now take a lot more time to find. Basically it just slows me down,

I think the likes of W8 and W10 are just to complicated for me, W10 being far superior to W8 but I still find it takes me to long to find things that I could find in seconds using W7.

like I said it could be an age thing but it looks like I am not alone with this problem.

I have had plenty time to get used to it. But unfortunately I cannot.

  Strawballs 15:12 23 Jan 2016

I find W10 very similar to W7

  robin_x 16:18 23 Jan 2016

Fair enough for those who really do want to stay on XP/Vista/W7.

W8/8.1/10 can be made a little more user friendly. Try the following to see if it helps

Classic Shell

Pin common shortcuts to Taskbar or drag to Quick Launch

Everything Search is a good alternative to Windows Search


Many now strongly advise against continuing to use older Windows versions due to Security concerns.

If you do stay on an older OS, make regular Restore Points and System Images

Scan with Malwarebytes Free and/or ADW Cleaner regularly.

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