Upgrade from windows 8 to windows 10

  Strawballs 21:17 20 Jan 2016

Has anybody here used the free upgrade offered from microsoft to windows 10, if so how long did you have to wait for the download?

  RV510 22:00 20 Jan 2016

The download takes around three hours, trashes some of your programmes, wipes out your anti-virus programme, Cortana does not work in the UK and it has a plethora of other negative issues. I recommend you read reviews of what others say about it before you even consider downloading it. If you do download and are not happy with it you have exactly one month from the date/time you downloaded to revert back to your previous system, through 'system restore', which takes three minutes, otherwise you're stuck with it. Also, if you have 'reserved' W10 and leave it until the end of the time that it's free, July 29th, it will download automatically if you have 'automatic updates' turned on and the only way to reverse the reservation is to go into your control panel and look at the available updates and uninstall the one that is ticked as 'important', the update is KB3035583.

  Strawballs 22:10 20 Jan 2016

Thanks for that only asking as my son has a Windows 8 laptop that he hates with a passion so much so he barely uses it so not too much to loose.

  RV510 22:28 20 Jan 2016

Sell it on or trade it in and get one with Windows 7, that is the best OS Microsoft has ever had to date in my and many others opinion, even Vista was better than W8. W7 home premium or ultimate are the ones to go for. With W10 some of the programmes, as I said, may be trashed, especially those that you have downloaded and installed from disc and you won't be able to re-install them because they will be 'incompatible' with W10.

  Strawballs 22:45 20 Jan 2016

Thanks for that. I have actually loaned him a windows 7 laptop that hardly gets used in our house for his uni work. I'm going to use his 8.1 laptop to play with 10 the only program on it is office 2014.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:03 20 Jan 2016

Windows 10 is fine, Cortana works in the UK, My old programs run on 10 that wouldn't run on 8.

Yes there have been a few issues but a lot less than when xp came out:0) a couple of REstatrs (not reboots) often cures the missing driver problems which appear to have been the man issues.

make sure you have everything backed up you want be fore you allow the download to install.

  tullie 23:09 20 Jan 2016

As Fruitbat says,Cortana works in the UK,I lost none of my programs and it dident affect my Anti Virus.

  robin_x 09:10 21 Jan 2016

My preferred upgrade (or re-upgrade) method

Create a full System Image of all main drive partitions (including hidden ones)


Your son's machine must be latest W8.1 not W8.

Use Windows Update or W8.1 Media creation Tool.

Use W10 Media Creation Tool to 'Create Installation Media for another PC' and download the iso file

Right-click iso file and Mount, then run setup.exe


When happy W10 is working. turn System Restore back On and make another System Image.

Having made a W8.1 Image, 30 day Rollback is no longer a problem. There are ways of defeating that anyway, if implemented within 30 days.

  Govan1x 11:01 21 Jan 2016

W8 was poor and W10 is better. As you cant go back to W7 you can only go forward to W10. So yes download and install it.

Free upgrade to W10 pity they don't give a free downgrade to W7.

I think it was £15 to upgrade to W8 and free to upgrade to W10 I can only think that Microsoft is loosing a lot funds pushing poor versions of Windows.

I just hope W11 when it comes will be far superior to W8 and W10 but I have my doubts.

  robin_x 11:17 21 Jan 2016
  iscanut 11:58 21 Jan 2016

Wi upgraded from Win7 to Win10 and had no problems. Lost nothing, all programs ok and the system works fine. Although you will see bad reviews, I am sure that these are in the minority. Win10 is a good, fast stable OS. If you don't like Win8 and don't use the laptop, then you have nothing to lose by upgrading. Go for it.

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