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Upgrade to Windows 10 Downloaded Itself

  Border View 10:01 22 Apr 2016

I run with Windows 7 Home Premium and love it. I have tried and am stuck with Windows 10 on my laptop. I do not wish to have W10 on my desktop.

I have discovered that W10 has downloaded itself under automatic updates and now keeps asking me to install. I have tried doing a disc clean up to get rid but it would appear to be still there. It is taking up 2,613.7 MB of my HDD.

Sorry if this has been raised elsewhere but can anyone please advise how to get rid and keep rid. I have turned off automatic updates.

Thank you.

  Svol 10:23 22 Apr 2016

One method to try, go to Windows Update i.e. Windows Start>All Programs>Windows Update

In there you should see the Windows 10 Installation listed in the 'Optional updates' list. If so, untick the box then Right-click the text and select "Hide update".

If you can only see "Upgrade to Windows 10" listed and don't see any other potentially available updates, click the option 'Show all available updates' located beneath the 'Get Started' pane, then check the Optional Updates list.

Restart your system and check if Win 10 Installation is no longer showing in the optional updates list. If necessary repeat the process.

  Border View 11:51 22 Apr 2016

Svol - Many thanks for responding. Did as you suggested and it now tells me there are No important updates available. There are 2 optional available but W10 is not listed.

Because I have done disc clean up as well does this mean that the previously downloaded W10 upgrade MBs have been deleted.

Thank you for your help.

  Svol 12:38 22 Apr 2016

To check for and remove any unwanted temporary / system files Click 'Windows Start' and in the 'Search programs and files' box search for "Disk Cleanup".

Right-click the "Disk Cleanup" that appears at top the list and select 'Run as Administrator'. Select the drive you want to clean up i.e. 'C:' and click 'OK'.

In the returned list you’ll see 'Temporary Windows installation files' and possibly 'Windows Update Cleanup'. If these contain a sizable number of files, ensure they are 'ticked' and also any others of your choice such as 'Temporary Internet files' then click 'OK' to remove the contents.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:01 22 Apr 2016

Border View, this beautifully simple tool will block Windows 10 for you. It doesn't install anything. When you reboot after running it you'll notice that the "Get Windows 10" icon has disappeared too.

  Border View 10:34 23 Apr 2016

Oh how I wish I had installed Never 10 yesterday. This would have saved a awful panic this morning when Windows 10 decided to install itself with no way I could see of stopping it. After help in the Tech Forum I managed to halt the installation and installed Never 10. This bit of kit also helped me delete the W10 files on my computer. As Secret-Squirrel said the little window on the bottom right of the computer has gone too.

Thank you Secret-Squirrel, I only wish I had followed your advice earlier.

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