Upgrade from Win Vista Home Premium

  LUGOAZUSA 09:19 27 Mar 2019

On a Dell Inspiron 1521, I was attempting to upgrade WINDOWS from VISTA to WIN 7. I began by downloading WIN 7 UPGRADE ADVISOR, and when i tried running it, I receive the error msg "unable to reach the Microsoft server for compatability info. Check your internet connection and try again". I don't understand why I get that msg as I am online at the time. Can someone please help me? THANK YOU

  wee eddie 09:31 27 Mar 2019

I'm no expert but it has been made obvious by Microsoft that they do not want anyone to use Windows 7 any longer. Why not try Windows 10.

  KEITH 1955 17:57 27 Mar 2019

forget the scare stories you might have heard about windows 10 , I have been using pc's since 2002 and personally I think 10 is the best and the most stable , apart from when Microsoft screw up the updates.

  Kevin Alders 19:45 27 Mar 2019

Officially there is no direct upgrade path from Windows Vista to Windows 10. Clean install only.

  Govan1x 04:18 29 Mar 2019

Lets face it the reason why most of us use W10 was that it was free.

Would I buy it Probably not.

But I suppose as they are doing away with all other versions eventually we may be forced to buy it.

W7 is much better than Vista and you can usually pick it up fairly cheaply so worth a try.

Depending on how old your computer is it is possible that it would not be suitable for W10. So do not dive in without checking first.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:20 29 Mar 2019

There are very few PCs that will run 7 and not 10 Most older PCs will actually run 10 better than t (my old Compaq laptop for one).

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