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Upgrade Win 7 PC to Win 10

  Newuser4165 12:04 17 Apr 2019

Back in 2015 I was offered the chance to upgrade to Win 10 from Win7.Ididn't upgrade at the time as there was a driver problem with my nvidea graphics card which has now been resolved.I'm still running Win 7 on my now 6year old pc but with Win7 end of life approaching is it still possible to upgrade to Win 10 free of charge or do I need to replace my current PC which is till running perfectly.In 2015 I did download the Win 10 iso file - is it still possible to use this iso image to upgrade my pc to Win10?

  lotvic 12:36 17 Apr 2019

In 2015, depending on the way you d/loaded the iso, your W7 key may be registered as an upgrade to W10 digital licence. However I suggest you use a newer version as that iso may have the nvida driver problem. Microsoft download page click here

You can still get W10 for free according to click here

  Newuser4165 12:39 18 Apr 2019

Hi lotvic Thanks for the link.I'll create a new installation DVD for win10 and follow their instructions.

  lotvic 19:11 18 Apr 2019

KEITH 1955, full info and instructions are on the link I posted to Microsoft download page - 'tis better to know than to only think you know.

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