Upgrade of Ultimate RC1 wont activate

  Newuser38 19:04 29 Jul 2007

click here

I followed this which I assumed meant that I could use whatever upgrade version I wanted to end up with over Ultimate RC1. And used Home Premium upgrade received as an early birthday present. But---

Microsoft wont activate because I have clean installed with an upgrade version instead of a full version.

Have I misread MS as above. I have used phone activation in the past with problems with other versions but it does not seem to be available.

If I am really stuck does the work round still work or shall I have to re-install my pre-ultimate RC1 OS which was 2000Pro.

30 days left!

  BurrWalnut 19:14 29 Jul 2007

Is this the way you clean installed click here

If not, try reinstalling this way.

  Newuser38 20:19 29 Jul 2007

Tried that but it failed halfway through the second install. I wondered if the fact that I had downloaded windows updates meant that the first installation could not be recognised by my version of Home Premium UG.

  BurrWalnut 07:13 30 Jul 2007


Try again from scratch but remember not to key in the product code, don't activate and don't connect to the web for updates when you're doing the first install.

  [email protected] 10:30 30 Jul 2007

the on line activation only worked once for me, go to activate on line and follow the activate by phone prompts. when i upgraded i clean installed home premium on a formatted hdd and then followed the anytime upgrade, ie gave credit card details and re-inserted my hp disk on the prompt. you are still stuck with home premium if you switch pc or motherboard as the ultimate upgrade is tied to the motherboard another one of microsofts little stingers!

  hssutton 14:39 01 Aug 2007

"if you switch pc or motherboard as the ultimate upgrade is tied to the motherboard another one of microsofts little stingers!"

Not strictly true, at least with an OEM version,as I found out just a few days ago. I had Vista Ultimate installed on my old PC, but found certain programs running very slow (photoshop & Adobe Lightroom) So I decided to upgrade.

I used my old "C" drive with Ultimate still installed. Of course Vista gave me 3 days to reactivate, this had to be done over the phone. On phoning Microsoft, I informed them that I had changed the motherboard/CPU and memory due to having problems, and surprise, surprise they re-activated it for me

  Newuser38 15:56 01 Aug 2007

Still not made it I re-installed my MS2000 Pro and then discover that although the Vista box says an upgrade for users of MS windows 2000 professional it will only take a clean install and that still cannot be activated because I am using an upgrade pack not a full pack.Went on the phone to activate and could not sort it they transferred me to technical help who had a recorded message about virus etc protection and after 3 circuits of the full message I was rudely cut off!!

Still I did have a good 3 score years and ten day yesterday and I apparently have a family gathering at the weekend. My wife says maybe the Grandchildren can sort it.!!

Any other ideas the work round does not seem to work any more. Any one used it, the work round, recently?

  Newuser38 09:41 02 Aug 2007

After 3 more attempts including being given a 12 digit phone number which went nowhere I have now been given the 0870 number which has been quoted here before. Fingers crossed need magic now not IT know how.

  Newuser38 11:46 02 Aug 2007

My Vista is now activated I was given a new product key by Technical Support in Delhi. I guess the 0870 phone number will cost me probably 20min worth, but they phoned back to check that it had worked.

Now I can use the Vista Book I claimed as my perk for subscribing again this year.

  Newuser38 20:13 02 Aug 2007

Would still like to know if anyone has actually used the work round very recently?

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