Upgrade or start again with my 3yr old PC

  Muergo 14:58 18 Nov 2013

I have had an Arbico desktop PC for three years now and it has had no problems throughout its 3yr guarantee period.

I feel I could do with upgrading from an i3 chip but don't want to go to the expense of starting from scratch.

At my age 70+ I am not going to learn another system so I want to stick with Windows 7 until 9 comes and see if I am capable then.

The machine has more than enough hard disc capacity, but what are the essential areas to upgrade to keep pace with my multitude of programs I run for my hobbies, not any gaming at all.

Photography and streaming/downloading TV/radio is priority.

Any suggestions before I leap.

  chub_tor 10:09 19 Nov 2013

If you can tell us a bit more about your system it would help us to advise you more clearly but in essence your main aims should be to maximise any RAM useage (4Gb is the maximum for a 32 bit OS and I would have thought up to 16Gb if you are running 64bit Win 7 and your motherboard will take it). You have identified the i3 as being a limitation so you could go to an i5. If you are streaming video then I would check to see what graphics capability you have. If it is a chip on the motherboard then I would add a dedicated PCIe graphics card.

  wee eddie 13:04 19 Nov 2013

As my 8 year old PC, XP upgraded to W7, is perfectly adequate for the job I need it for. iPlayer, Movies, Internet, Excel, Access and Word, I wonder what is holding yours back.

Maybe, it's imperfections are of the 'perceived' variety.

However if you are desperate to spend money, Mesh have a very impressive range of 'Quiet/Silent' PC's. I was going to buy, then decided that my current PC does its job more than adequately and bought another house instead!

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