Upgrade Licensing Issues from XP to 7

  banana007 21:17 19 Nov 2011

I had XP. I upgraded to windows 7 a year or so ago and all went well.

Recently I bought new Mobo bundle, SSD etc and wanted to do a re-install of Win 7 (I needed the 64bit anyway).

Trying to activate the install its informing me that the license is no longer valid as i did a fresh install and didnt upgrade from XP.

Surely when you upgrade, the license you have is to use windows 7 as your primary OS period, keeping the original full version of XP?

Are they suggesting that if, on my old machine, if i wanted to do a fresh install from the upgraded XP i would first have to install XP and then Win 7?

Cant be right?

What to do? Anyone had anything similar?

  difarn 22:33 19 Nov 2011

According to articles in other blogs you will have to reinstall XP and then Win 7.

  rdave13 22:52 19 Nov 2011

Have a look at option 4 but worth reading it all.

  difarn 07:30 20 Nov 2011


Been looking further into this - had already looked at option 4 above and it is worth having a go. Before you do this perhaps you would also like to look at this

  difarn 07:32 20 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Sorry my link didn't work:-


  banana007 14:07 20 Nov 2011

Thanks for the reponse. Ventanas: surely if having xp was a pre-requisite for installation it shouldnt let me install windows 7 at all? I still have the orig XP disc so i just thought i needed it to qualify the license. Its a full XP Pro (though 32 bit)

rdave13: option 4 looked good but too late now. In his initial warning above optoin 1 he does say they allowed you to install win 7 without having to install xp first. Not too sure why option 1 isnt usable.

difarn: ill have a look at the url and get back

  banana007 22:22 21 Nov 2011

I tried the reg hack that in the page difarn suggested and lo it worked. Activated fine. The only thing i noticed was it changed my theme to be an "Unsaved" one which was easily rectified.

Many thanks.

  difarn 06:45 22 Nov 2011

Great result - nice when something works out isn't it?

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