Upgrade Licensing Issues from XP to 7

  banana007 21:17 19 Nov 2011

I had XP. I upgraded to windows 7 a year or so ago and all went well.

Recently I bought new Mobo bundle, SSD etc and wanted to do a re-install of Win 7 (I needed the 64bit anyway).

Trying to activate the install its informing me that the license is no longer valid as i did a fresh install and didnt upgrade from XP.

Surely when you upgrade, the license you have is to use windows 7 as your primary OS period, keeping the original full version of XP?

Are they suggesting that if, on my old machine, if i wanted to do a fresh install from the upgraded XP i would first have to install XP and then Win 7?

Cant be right?

What to do? Anyone had anything similar?

  difarn 22:33 19 Nov 2011

According to articles in other blogs you will have to reinstall XP and then Win 7.

  ventanas 22:37 19 Nov 2011

Sounds about right to me. You have an upgrade disc that cannot find the qualifying earlier version. This version must be present.

I have been in this psosition twice when upgrading from Vista, the earlier qualifying version has to go on first.

The earlier version of XP was almost certainly OEM, and you have changed the motherboard. That disqualifies the OEM version of XP, so you cannot reinstall that, even if you wanted to. So you cannot upgrade.

Only solution seems to be a new full version of Windows 7, sorry.

  rdave13 22:52 19 Nov 2011

Have a look at option 4 but worth reading it all.

  difarn 07:30 20 Nov 2011


Been looking further into this - had already looked at option 4 above and it is worth having a go. Before you do this perhaps you would also like to look at this

  difarn 07:32 20 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Sorry my link didn't work:-


  banana007 14:07 20 Nov 2011

Thanks for the reponse. Ventanas: surely if having xp was a pre-requisite for installation it shouldnt let me install windows 7 at all? I still have the orig XP disc so i just thought i needed it to qualify the license. Its a full XP Pro (though 32 bit)

rdave13: option 4 looked good but too late now. In his initial warning above optoin 1 he does say they allowed you to install win 7 without having to install xp first. Not too sure why option 1 isnt usable.

difarn: ill have a look at the url and get back

  banana007 22:22 21 Nov 2011

I tried the reg hack that in the page difarn suggested and lo it worked. Activated fine. The only thing i noticed was it changed my theme to be an "Unsaved" one which was easily rectified.

Many thanks.

  difarn 06:45 22 Nov 2011

Great result - nice when something works out isn't it?

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