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  Slithe 20:38 31 Jan 2007

Hi everyone! Following the pleasant surprise of the gift of an Amazon voucher I am now a lot closer to upgrading to Vista. I've got a few questions/queries I was wondering if anyone could help me with, mainly to make the upgrade process go as smoothly as possible. Had a bad experience when upgrading Win 95 to Win 98 a few years ago and would like to avoid a repeat (and expense) of the errors I made back then.

1) I've run the upgrade advisor and whilst it says I am ok to run Vista Premium (was my preferred choice) in reality based on the following specs, is my set-up sufficient to handle Vista?

XP Home Service Pack 2
256MB Graphics Card
80GB Hard Drive (Main drive where Vista would run) and 120GB secondary drive (for documents)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Card
2.66GHz Celeron Processor
HP 17" Flat Screen Monitor

The machine is not used for intense photo/graphics/dvd editing. Mainly Word, Excel and Internet Surfing

2) Will I still be able to use Office XP under Vista?

3) After upgrade will my Local Network settings be automatically picked up, and will I be able to access the Internet via an Ethernet Cable connected to a router for Broadband?

4) I will still be using a laptop running XP Home, and the other PC's on the network (2 in total) will also run XP Home - will Vista pose a problem with any 'sharing' on the Network?

5) After upgrade, will my settings automatically be transferred into Vista i.e. same account settings, same permissions levels?

6)Seeing as the upgrade advisor did not find any hardware issues, will this mean that to a certain extent, I'll have no problems accessing my second internal hard drive/optical drives? (Was a main problem following Win 95 upgrade!!)

7) I am running Norton Anti-Virus 2006, which is listed as a problem piece of software, is fixing this just a matter of following the link given in a previous post, and following the instructions to obtain the downloadable update?

8) If the worst comes to the worst, is there an option to save previous settings and as in previous upgrades 'uninstall' back to XP?

Many thanks for any help on the above, may sound pedantic but I really would like to give Vista a shot, but would like to be safe than sorry before I start.

  Fateful Shadow 21:57 31 Jan 2007

Hey Slithe =]

I will try and answer some of your questions. I'm sure there will be many other (more knowledgeable) people to assist you with the other questions (and probably correct me!)

1 - Your set-up seems completely fine. Your specs. meet the recommended specs.

2 - Office XP should run as normal

4 - We use Vista and XP machines at work, and they seem to be able to communicate correctly

8 - If you upgrade, your system files will be stored in a file renamed to 'Windows.old' and you can roll-back your operating system to XP

Sorry it's not much, but I hope it helps to some extent =]

  Slithe 17:56 01 Feb 2007

Fateful Shadow - many thanks for your comments, they have been of some help.

I won't close this thread just yet, as I would still like to get a range of opinions on the above points. Perhaps I'm being a chicken and not jumping in feet first and just trying it out, but better safe than sorry...

  Jimmy14 18:57 01 Feb 2007

Regarding your question 7, to get the update for Norton Anti-virus 2006 which makes it Vista compatible you should follow the link for the update center below,
click here
More info on updating,
click here

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