Upgrade to 64 bit.

  Linkslade 18:20 04 Dec 2011

Hi, I have a Medion laptop 32bit using 3g ram with the option via a CD to upgrade to 64 bit and utilise an extra 1 g ram to take it up to 4g.

I backed up with Acronis a month ago and am wondering if I took up the option to upgrade, bearing in mind I would lose all the data on the PC, could this back up be used on the new 64bit system?

Any advice appreciated.

  difarn 20:11 04 Dec 2011

The first question to be asked is "is your PC capable of running a 64 bit system?" When you have confirmed this:-

Did Acronis back up all of your data in addition to doing a system image and can you see the individual data folders as distinct from a system image?

If they do not appear as separate folders can I suggest that you save all of your data onto the external hard drive (I assume that is where Acronis did the back up), or if not on the cd/flash drive.

Having done this there is no reason for you not being able to transfer it back to your PC when the 64 bit system is installed. I assume you are doing a completely new install, wiping your hard drive totally. I believe that you will need the activation/registration key for the 32 bit system for use with the 64 bit.

If you are in any doubt at all Medion are usually very helpful - one of my pc's is a Medion laptop and they have been very helpful in the past. Here is the link.

  Linkslade 21:16 04 Dec 2011

Hi difarn,

Thank you for your reply.

The PC is capable of running a 64 bit system and all files in addition to a system image has been recorded via Acronis onto an external drive. The link looks very useful in the event of any further information that may be needed.So I think I'll go ahead and get the benefit of the 64 bit CD that Medion have provided.

Many thanks.

  BRYNIT 23:29 04 Dec 2011

Remember you will need 64bit drivers for your printer ect.

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