updates for Windows 7 are offered, not delivered

  lairey 14:53 16 May 2017

I am setup to receive automatic updates but have received none since July 2016. Windows shows it is searching for updates to no avail. Just hangs for ever. A fix offered by Microsoft involved using a command prompt but the instructions may have been in sign language for all the good they were. It appears this is a common problem and I would be grateful for any help that I can understand. Thanks from Lairey.

  Govan1x 08:54 17 May 2017

Not sure if it was W7 or W8 that I was using but could not get windows updates unless i had windows firewall running as well as my own security Firewall.

Take it is set to Automatic in services and is running.

  lairey 11:10 17 May 2017

Govan1x Thanks for your response, all systems are set to receive automatic downloads but none are received. A search on the internet shows this to be a problem with many users of Win 7 and I'm convinced that Microsoft are withholding updates to force people onto Win 10. No chance, if I change systems it will be back to Linux.

  Govan1x 13:29 17 May 2017

lets try again. Did you go into services and make sure windows update was set to automatic and it was running. Does your W7 have SP1 installed. If not maybe think about downloading it from the internet to see if it gets the rest of the updates to work.

I would hold on with that in case someone can give you a better solution or give you information on where you can download it from.

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