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Update KB 4559309 The new Edge

  martd7 19:02 19 Jun 2020

Updated PC this morning and when it had finished installing and restarted,Windows tells me its installed the NEW Edge browser and has imported all my favourites for me NICE!

How can i stop it popping up everytime i turn the PC on?

  Govan1x 23:58 19 Jun 2020

I don't use it and turned it off. The only thing is I cant remember how I did it.

This video might help.

Click Here

  martd7 08:58 20 Jun 2020

Thanks Govan1x

I found another solution, simply remove it from the taskbar and it doesn't start up now

  Govan1x 00:05 21 Jun 2020


Now that you mention it that is how I removed it as well

  Pine Man 16:22 21 Jun 2020

I don't know if any of you have actually considered trying the new version of Microsoft Edge, I did and it is absolutely superb as far as I am concerned.

My needs are for a browser that syncs across different platforms, is fast and easy to use. I now have it on my iMac, my wife's PC, two iPhones and an iPad. It works, and synchronises perfectly.

I never thought that I, as a staunch Mac user, would ever endorse Microsoft products but all credit where it is due.

  wee eddie 16:51 21 Jun 2020

I have:

Too many clicks required as I surf the net. I have my Favourites arranged in a perfectly logical Folder Tree.

Unfortunately the new Edge requires that I drill down again, every time I wish to click on another link within the same Folder

  martd7 10:22 22 Jun 2020

I don't mind it but I didn't like turning the pc on and it telling me it had imported all my bookmarks!

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