update has broke one of my pc's

  mrgrumpy 14:09 15 Nov 2019

Last year I got a mid range custom built pc to use as a spare to test things before putting them on my games rig. I opted for a cheapish card , a gt 730 , I only wanted something a bit better than the integrated card. When I went onto nvidea for a driver update the card was not even listed but due to family problems at the time I did not question the builders.

Fast forward to today I did windows update , it said it was downloading a g card driver and the number for it looked like an ip address.

I now have these problems , my start button no longer works so I have to use task manager to do shutdown bottom right of screen , search box opens when it feels like it , and hears a big mystery , I know I had about 100 windows updates but only the last 15 are showing.

Answers on a post card please and the winner gets a big hug !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 15 Nov 2019

uninstall the latest update.

  mrgrumpy 22:18 15 Nov 2019

Hi fruit bat , the problem is the update I got is not listed , so in dev manager I did roll back driver , the mystery is how Microsoft give me some sort of driver update when nvidea could not ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 15 Nov 2019

Common for windows updates to replace graphics drivers with windows generic drivers

  Flat Earther 23:14 15 Nov 2019

"the mystery is how Microsoft give me some sort of driver update when nvidea could not ?"

The card is listed in the driver search under Geforce / Geforce 700 series / Geforce GT 730

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