update error code 80004002

  User-606B0643-FD10-4834-B66D22F09D5D5ABB 23:57 07 Jul 2008

my new laptop with vita home premium will not install the new windows updates when it shuts down, so i tried to get the updates via windows update on my start menu. it just brings up error code 80004002. following a couple of tips on the microsoft live forums, which were to reinstall SP1 (which hasnt worked), and to go into a command prompt and update regsvr32 with various files. the first one updates fine, but when i try wups.dll, wups2.dll, wuweb.dll, wucltu1.dll and wuaueng.dll, i either get another error code 80070005, or path could not be found. i use AVG 8.0 free, super anti-spyware and ccleaner. could these be conflicting? i cant see anything else on my comp which would make it any different to any other vista machine? help me please!

  mrwoowoo 00:46 08 Jul 2008

Found this on the forums.
"Registry cleaners are useless and destroy Windows OS's components".
Whether ccleaner is the cause of your problems or not, i don't know.But there maybe something in the solutions here that will help you.
click here

mr woowoo, tried that. tried stopping starting updates in resource.msc, tried turning off firewall, tried the BITS patch, but vista said it wasnt required at this time. what is UAC? someone mentioned it, but i aint sure what it is? also, someone on the other forum suggested fsutil resource setautoreset true C:\, but when i do, it says i must have administrative privileges. i am the administrator! im the only user on the computer!!!!! help

  mrwoowoo 16:55 08 Jul 2008

UAC can be a pain as sometimes it prevents things installing without informing you.I have mine permanently turned off.
Control panel>user accounts and then turn off user account control.
Usually this is the first thing i tell people to try when they can't install programmes.
As it was updates i overlooked it,although it could be the problem.

  anskyber 17:00 08 Jul 2008

Can you list by KB code the updates which will not install please?

how do i do this? i know that when i click on get updates it doesnt even try to find them, it just automatically gives me the code. is there another way to find which ones?

  anskyber 09:08 10 Jul 2008

I see. It's the updater which will not work rather than a failure to install already downloaded updates. sorry, I clearly misunderstood.

A long shot but try a Startup repair.
Start up repair Vista with the Vista DVD.
click here

Without the disc and If Startup Repair is a preinstalled recovery option on your computer.

click here

Then expand the section "how do I use Startup Repair?"

quick one to say this is not available on HP due to the whole rubbish diskless recovery crap which takes 11gb of my hard drive which they fail to tell you at time of purchase! i dont have a vista recovery disk, and the startup repair files are unavailable, so i have contacted HP, and will let you know what they say in due course!

so after several emails to HP, and a not so speedy response, i have basically been told i have to do a system recovery. so when i was told vista came with the computer, i wasnt told it was diskless, i wasnt told my hard drive was 11gb less due to the diskless recovery partition, and that some of the vista features had been disabled.....strong emails to HP and Microsoft will follow.....thanks for all your help.

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