Unwanted Option messages from Windows

  ChuckDrago 15:02 13 Mar 2015

Our company Intranet includes a bunch of links to other files throughout the LAN. Clicking on a specific button used to open a window showing the target document. Ever since I downloaded an app from the web something changed in my computer: now, when I click a button on the Intranet, a message asks me "What do I want to do with xxxx", adding the buttons"Open", "Save" and "Cancel". Pressing "Open" retrieves the image as I used to get, except that now I must respond every time to an unwanted message. Can I get back to the way it was without resorting to a Restore point? Intranet Options appear to be the same as befoe, so I do not know where to look. Thanks, Chuck

  robin_x 15:13 13 Mar 2015

Right-click the item and Open With...

Choose or Browse more options and you should see a Checkbox for Always Open With...

  ChuckDrago 15:31 13 Mar 2015

Thanks Robin. No cigar though...

Right clicking on the hyperlink button display a long list of options, amongst the first five being: Open Link Open Link in New Tab Open Link in New Window Save Target Print Target etc. I can't see any Open With. I am using Windows 7 Professional and the Intranet is created in Dreamweaver CS5, in case this is useful to know. Any more suggestions?

  robin_x 15:55 13 Mar 2015

Dunno. If you are allowed to tinker you can add the option.

But if you are not supposed to be messing about, you may be locked out.

Although you did install the App.

click here

Use System Restore if any doubt.

  robin_x 15:58 13 Mar 2015

System Restore doesn't revert recent files, just settings and recent Installed programs, if that's what you are worried about.

  ChuckDrago 16:01 13 Mar 2015

OK Robin... You gave me plenty to chew on... and yes, that is what had me worried, re System Restore, so thanks for the tip. Cheers from Long Island, NY - Chuck

  robin_x 16:04 13 Mar 2015

No problem. And you can Undo last System Restores too.

Shortcut: Windows key+R rstrui.exe

Have a Nice Day :-)

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