Unstbale PC - cursor freeze & changing mode

  Tafflad 16:57 25 Oct 2013

W7 64 bit. In last couple of days PC has suddenly become unreliable ... after it's been screen freezes, cursor locked ... ctl+alt+del will not work. When this happens found I can recover ... but often only for 1 or 2 mins ... by simply plugging something into USB port .. as soon as you get the "Bing Bong" device found noise, screen unfreezes.

Sometimes just waiting 30 sec to a min and screen will unfreeze.

Also notice frequently when working cursor changes to window resize mode (double ended arrow) and then work is erratic until it recovers. Also it will frequently 'disappear' as soon as you move to an active window, or turn into text entry 'vert bar' cursor for no reason. Both Kyb & Mouse are USB

Sometimes hitting 'ESC' several times will return control temporarily. I have reinstalled mouse driver .... but no change.

Run sfc /scannow it advised corruption on some files unable to repair.

The CBS log is immense, and I think beyond my abilities to know what needs to be fixed (and how to fix) probably not good enough.

System Restore - went back 8 different restore points - all fail to restore 'unspecified error 0xc0000022' Have had no errors that restore points had failed.

Is there an option to 'repair' a windows install ?

  lotvic 17:40 25 Oct 2013

I'm still trying to sort my W7 harddrive out since the wonky October Windows Updates left me with a black screen. Have read they have caused all sorts of various problems, something to do with USB drivers. Maybe that's what's causing your problems?

Do a google search for: october 2013 windows 7 update problems

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