Uninstalling software in Windows 7 vs 10

  TJPeace 11:52 03 Mar 2018

Hi all,

I recently made the transition to Windows 10 and have loads of bloatware on my Yoga 920 that I want to completely delete from my laptop. On my old Windows 7 machine I used third party software to ensure all traces of the program I wanted to delete was removed, as it's well known that you could never fully remove a program if you uninstalled using Windows Control Centre.

Can anyone tell me if this how been resolved in Windows 10, or do I need to get some third party software again? If I do, could you please advise the best program to use.


Tom - London, UK

  Forum Editor 12:01 03 Mar 2018

Download CCleaner, and run it at regular intervals. It will detect any leftover registry entries, and my experience over many years of use is that you can safely tell it to remove whatever it finds.

  TJPeace 12:09 03 Mar 2018

Thanks for the fast reply.

That was actually what I used in Windows 7, but I was hoping that Microsoft would have resolved the need to use anything third party by now.

Does that mean that if I just ran the built in Windows 10 uninstaller I would still be left with registry entries etc?

  Govan1x 12:25 03 Mar 2018

Revo Uninstaller at setting 4 will remove anything from your computer that you want to delete.

Let the uninstaller remove the program using revo then it will let you scan for leftovers. Only tick the bits with jet black print. then it will give you options of removing other bits and pieces left over. I just delete all of them.

  alanrwood 12:26 03 Mar 2018

Yes Alternatively download and install IOBit Uninstaller (free) which will delete all those bits left behind by the windows uninstaller.

  TJPeace 14:36 04 Mar 2018

Thanks all.

  MJS WARLORD 15:00 05 Mar 2018

when uninstalling , as well as using the add and remove of windows 10 , click programs and features tab on right hand side , you will see programs listed the old way , I once found a program in their that was not showing in the new style add/remove but I have no idea why it happened.

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