Uninstall windows 10 after having it for 6 months

  Medic85 19:14 12 May 2016

Can someone please please please tell me how to get windows 10 off my laptop. I have done two clean installs and i tried a hard drive wipe keeping my files NOTHING works. Seriously i do not want this operating system on my laptop it has totally screwed up the laptop its constantly crashing every time it wakes up from sleep and is super glitchy just working within the OS. So can someone please help i do not care what i have to do i have backed up all my stuff. I just want it off. Thanks

  lotvic 21:51 12 May 2016

I have done two clean installs does that mean you have the DVD for your previous op sys? (Windows 7 or 8.1?)

You could buy a new harddrive and install your previous op sys on that.

It could just be that you haven't got the Windows 10 drivers for the hardware, or when you did a clean install of previous op sys you didn't download the drivers for that either.

A few more details would help, what was your previous op sys and what dvds do you have? and what is the make and model of your laptop and did you get the drivers needed?

  Medic85 23:26 12 May 2016

I had windows 7 i didnt use any discs for the install i followed a KB article from Windows on how to get windows 10 off the computer. But pretty much what i did was go into system - update and recovery i think and then i did a recovery. First keeping my files (that didnt work) then doing the full thing wiping everything off every drive twice. Still didnt work./ I havent downloaded any drivers for any OS. i just want to get back to Windows 7. The likely hood of me still having my OS disc is very slim.

  lotvic 23:50 12 May 2016

What is the make and model of your laptop? Go into Disc Management and see if the factory restore partition is still there. ways to open click here read it and look at screenshot, and as with any howto website - don't click on anything else (I've got adblockers so don't get ads when I view pages)

  daxian 10:18 13 May 2016

if you have used win 10 for 6 months the option to roll back to previous version is removed ....you will have to return to 7 via a clean install ,from the dvd ....unless the factory restore/partition is still accessable as lotvic posted .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:05 13 May 2016

Windows old is wiped off the drive 30 days after upgrading.

to get back to windows 7 you need to factory reset the machine or do a clean install of windows 7 from a USB or DVD media click here

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