uninstall shortcut problems

  conrail 22:14 11 May 2009

using home premium 64bit, have used ccleaner to uninstall a program which left the desktop shortcut, tried right click/delete and dragging the shortcut to the recycle bin and get the message Are you sure you want to rmove this file to the Recycle Bin? clicking on yes bring the message, Could not find this item, this is no longer located inC:\Users\Public\Public Desktop, verify the items location and try again, I have run ccleaner registry to see if that removed it from the registry but it is still there, all suggestions on removal gratefully accepted

  rdave13 01:04 12 May 2009

Try logging off and on again. See if it's still there.

  User-1229748 03:29 12 May 2009

what program was the shortcut too? if it is still there after a reboot then you could reinstall and then uninstall using revo.i've never used it myself but it is highly regarded and may be of use to you anywayclick here

  conrail 15:44 12 May 2009

thanks rdave13 and smackheadz, restarted this morning and the shortcut has gone, thanks for your help

  ztronicsalien 13:11 25 May 2009


if you want to delete any Item with a shortcut
use keyboard shift+delete+enter
for more on computer help please click here

  User-1229748 14:50 25 May 2009

that normally happens if you uninstall the program before deleting the shortcut.the way to go is delete the shortcut before uninstalling the program.but even so if you are left with a shortcut it will normally be gone when you reboot :o)

  canarieslover 18:59 25 May 2009

It isn't just shortcuts that Vista leaves visible until you re-boot. I have had folders that I have tried to remove after an uninstall that refuse to be deleted. One re-boot later amd they have gone. Just another little thing to annoy me with Vista that XP seemed to deal with properly.

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