Uninstall program not listed in Control Panel/Programs & Features

  Fishbox 12:07 06 Nov 2012

I have Win Vista Home Basic SP2. I want to uninstall BBC iPlayer but cannot find it in the list of programs. Where is this programme located and how can I remove it,please?

  difarn 12:54 06 Nov 2012

These instructions from the iPlayer site should take you through the process.

  Fishbox 20:09 07 Nov 2012

Thanks difarn.I've already looked at this link.The problem is that iPlayer isn't in the list of programs in my Control Panel/Programs and Features but is definitely on my computer.

  rdave13 22:20 10 Nov 2012

If you have iplayer installed and not the web player in favourites, then try Ccleaner or Revo uninstaller. If neither can find iplayer installed then you only have the web player of iplayer in bookmarks or favourites and nothing installed.

  difarn 09:59 11 Nov 2012

I realise that iPlayer wasn't listed but did you enable "show hidden files and folders" as in the instruction? Did you try to delete any directory entries as per the article? Other than that, I agree with rdave 13 above.

  Fishbox 11:01 11 Nov 2012

Many thanks rdave13 and difarn. I am having problems with progammes not responding on my laptop (Win Vista sp2). I saw on the web that iPlayer may cause this problem and so decided to see if uninstalling it made any difference. I'm writing this on my desktop (Win XPsp3)and I've also looked there in Control Panel/Add Remove Programs as well but iPlayer isn't listed but is definitely on the PC. I've been using CCleaner for some years but it doesn't show up there either on both my systems. The BBC uninstall procedure is confusing for non-techies like me since it assumes that iPlayer will be in the list of programs.I was interested to find out where it was located.

  difarn 13:10 11 Nov 2012

If it is installed then you need to navigate to the Directory - as explained in the article.

To do this open My Computer, double click on C drive - go to Users and then follow the instructions...

  1. Delete the directory C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\BBCiPlayerDesktop.61DB7A798358575D6A969CCD73DDBBD723A6DA9D.1

  2. Delete the directory C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Air\ELS\BBCiPlayerDesktop.61DB7A798358575D6A969CCD73DDBBD723A6DA9D.1

To remove any downloaded programmes

Delete the directory C:\Users[your user name]\Videos\BBC iPlayer

  Fishbox 14:54 11 Nov 2012

Thanks again difarn.I forgot to mention that I'd managed to enable view hidden files.Accessing the Directory as you suggest is much clearer than the way described in iPlayer Help. Instruction 1-worked. Instruction 2-wouldn't let me delete.The box to click on is greyed-out.

  difarn 16:23 11 Nov 2012

Does Adobe Air appear in Add/Remove programmes?

Did you try rebooting then trying to delete the second directory?

If you click on start - run - and type in "Programs" does adobe air show here?

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