Unexplicable slow internet speed

  GrecuBogdan 15:43 26 Jul 2014

Hi, I have a very strange problem with my internet connection. My provider gives me 10MB/s line but I only get 450KB/s. Another PC in my network connected to the same router

downloads at full speed so the router and the provider are ok. I've tried the next things: - Connected my pc to the other one's cable to see if I have a problem with my cable. - reinstalled Windows twice with different CD's - installed Ubuntu - Activated Full Duplex - Installed latest drivers downloaded from the official website - Installed another LAN card, other than my integrated one. (Intel PRO/100S) - Updated BIOS to the latest official version - provided internet connection from mobile phone through USB Tethering by USB 3 with the phone connected to a 5GHz WiFi - Changed PC connection settings to manual with different DNS

My configuration is: Gigabyte Sniper G1 A88x Motherboard, AMD A10 X4 6800K processor, 8GB RAM., Radeon HD7700 Video card, Asus RT-N56U Router

I also want to mention that when I've installed Windows the second time the connection worked just fine until I have reactivated Crossfire between my Radeon HD7700 and the

processor's Radeon HD8670D. I've deactivated the function but the connection still doesn't speed up. Another strange thing is that every time I connect a new device that provides internet the connection works fine for a few minutes. It happened when I've connected LAN card

via PCI and phone via USB. And not to forget, when I copy for example a movie on LAN from the other PC the speed is good, the only thing that doesn't work is the internet.

Please help me with other solutions because for me this is already Science Fiction. Thank you.

  alanrwood 16:34 26 Jul 2014

Has the router been set with QOS settings that limit that connection from that PC. Just an idea as this one is a very strange problem.

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