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unexpected store exception + Intel RST not running

  apua1 20:09 28 Feb 2019

Hi, I recently got a blue screen for "unexpected store exception", after which my computer has turned so slow that it doesn't really even work. (I pretty much just get black program screens or nothing when I try to open any program other than Chrome, and my Chrome is super slow and doesn't load pages properly.)

I've restarted my computer a million times in the hopes that the problem would solve itself, but it unfortunately hasn't worked.

This issue turned off my antivirus for some reason (I got it back on already though) and my Intel RST is no longer running.

I honestly have no clue what Intel RST even is, but I assume it's related to my problem. (I don't know much about IT stuff so please talk to me like you would to a 5-year-old.)

Any help on how to solve this issue will be very appreciated!

(And I hope this is the right forum section; idk if the problem is related to Windows but I'm using Windows 10...)

Sorry for my awkward English.

  apua1 07:00 01 Mar 2019

Update: got my Intel RST running again and now I'm getting an alert for an Intel SMART-event.

  apua1 09:01 01 Mar 2019

Update 2: got another blue screen error for "unexpected store exception". Now my laptop won't turn on properly -> I can't get past the blue starting screen.

Should I reset my laptop to factory setting or is my hard drive busted?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:25 01 Mar 2019

Intel RST is related to your SATA controllers and unexpected store exception is sometimes due to a failing drive.

My first thought would be to remove and refit the hard drive to remake the connections and possibly connect the drive into another PC to extract you data and run a hard disk check on it before refitting to the laptop.

  amara21 06:11 14 May 2019

Unexpected store exception is one of the errors that occur in windows 10. You can fix this issue by going through the following given steps:

  1. Run SFC (system file checker)- This is the easiest solution to fix the issue of unexpected store exception error.

• Press the “Windows button”

• Type “cmd” > type “sfc/scannow” in the prompt and hit enter

Now, it will check the system files and will replace them if corrupted.

  1. Turn off fast startup- Windows 10 has a feature of startup which can slow you PC/laptop and can create an issue of BSOD.

• Press Windows key+R

• Type “Control panel”

• Click on power options

• Select “choose what the power button do”

• Click “change settings that are unavailable”

• Uncheck box says “Turn on fast startup”

• Save and exit

• Restart your system

  1. Try disabling antivirus- Disabling antivirus can help you know whether it’s the antivirus that causing the error or not and will fix the issue.

• Right click on the Antivirus program icon from system and select disable

• Select the time till when the Antivirus remain disabled

• After the antivirus is disable, restart your computer.

Check whether the issue is fixed or not, if yes then uninstall and reinstall the Antivirus program.

Hope these solutions helped you in fixing the unexpected store exception issue.

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