Unable to repair XP on dual boot with WIN 7

  tamsin 16:46 11 Jun 2010

I have XP installed on Drive D and WIN 7 on Drive C on booting I cannot access XP. The information pages come up in French and I can only guess what they are saying.
If I try to restart and use my XP installation disc, it immediately starts to download files and I cannot access to select repair and tell it which drive to work on. Pressing R or F8 have no effect at all. How can I repair XP to enable the boot up to recognise it?

  rdave13 17:57 11 Jun 2010

Have a look at EasyBCD, click here see if that can help.

  tamsin 22:04 11 Jun 2010

I have Easy BCD 2.0 beta loaded but it cannot solve the problem.
Can I remove the boot record altogether and build another one - and if so - how?

  rdave13 09:13 12 Jun 2010

My problem was the reverse of yours so I needed to repair Win 7 boot file. I used method two, section seven here; click here
Don't know if that will give some clues?
As for your last question I don't know the answer to that one. Hopefully someone else in the know can help.

  kristain 08:26 14 Jun 2010

Turn on your computer. When prompted, tell it that you want to load into Windows XP. Let Windows XP completely boot until you can see your desktop.

Select "Run..." from the "Start" menu. Type "msconfig" (without quotation marks) into the box. Select "OK."

Click on the "Boot" tab in the window that appears.

Highlight "Microsoft Windows XP" from the list of operating systems that your computer has installed.

Press the "Delete" button located underneath the list of available operating systems. This will remove your ability to dual boot into Windows XP.
or get more help from click here

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