Unable to remove vista and install xp on laptop

  mateare4 22:53 27 Jul 2010

I have a Dell Studio 1440 Model Number PP40L which came with Vista preinstalled. I have followed all instructions in every forum only to be completely stymied. This laptop does not have a built-in CDROM, but I have attached a CD/DVD external drive via the USB port.

Despite reconfiguring the BIOS to startup from either the USB port or the CD drive, the computer constantly defaults to the hard drive, which I then cannot reformat because it is in use. Of course, the XP CD will not let me install XP over the Vista. I understand that I must reformat the hard drive before installing XP, but the damnable machine refuses to boot from the XP CD or from a bootable flash drive that I made.

I sincerely hope that somebody has the answer to this question. I have now spent two entire days trying to resolve this problem.

  Ashrich 23:00 27 Jul 2010

I always find the best thing to do in these cases is to remove the hard drive , put it in a caddy and format it using a different PC , usually through either Windows Explorer , or in Disk Management .


  kristain 09:04 02 Aug 2010

Ashrich is right. this is the easiest way to fix this problem otherwise you need a technician.

  heepster 09:41 02 Aug 2010

click here

How typical of microsoft to make an apparently simple job SO difficult. Its a nightmare!

  Woolwell 13:28 05 Aug 2010

Personally I would stick with Vista.

  shallyd 11:37 09 Aug 2010

well Stick to vista as when your needs are being solved by vista then why formating the pc and installing XP

  mateare4 20:59 14 Aug 2010

I was successfully able to remove Vista and install XP on my Dell 1440 Studio laptop, however I now have no sound. I have spent days looking online for the proper sound driver to download that will work with XP to restore my sound.

If anyone knows where to find the correct sound driver, please let me know.

Thank you

  Ashrich 00:12 15 Aug 2010

click here for XP driver for IDT 92HD8XX sound card


  shallyd 08:15 16 Aug 2010

follow the steps below that might help you to downgrade Vista with XP

Step 1
Make sure the new HP notebook has driver for Windows XP Pro. I checked with HP website and yes, there is driver for Windows Xp Pro. So I download and keep the driver in my external Hard Disk.

Step 2
Put the Windows XP CD inside the DVD drive, I restart the notebook.

Step 3

Keep tapping the F10 key when the Compaq logo appears. This will take me to BIOS Setup Utility.

Step 4
Using arrow key I go to "System Configuration tab".

Step 5
Under that select you will see SATA Native support. The default value is enable, so I disable it

Step 6
Press F10 to "Save and Exit" the BIOS & click on OK/Yes to confirm the changes.

Step 7
Restart the notebook and the notebook boot up from Windows XP CD.

Step 8
As normal, I reach to the screen where I have to select weather to install, repair or quit. I hit the enter key than I get the screen that show the partition. After that I just do as normal and I manage to install Windows XP Pro. :-)

click here

  mateare4 19:40 17 Aug 2010

All is working well except that I now have no sound. I downloaded the recommended driver and that did not work.

So I need a sound driver for Dell Studio 1440 Model Number PP40L with XP Home installed.

Hopefully someone knows the correct driver to download and install.

Anne Lamb

  Ashrich 23:47 17 Aug 2010

You did download and use the XP driver didn't you ? Your PC , according to Dell uses the IDT 92HD8XX sound chip , for which these are the drivers .


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