Unable to print completely with Brother DCP-135C printer?.

  spuds 18:33 05 Jun 2014

Yesterday I transferred a Brother DCP-135C printer to a computer with Windows 7 installed from a previous no problem set-up using Windows XP.

On test all seemed fine, until late last night when I noticed a problem that the printer would not always print, using various methods.

If there is a page with print tab on it, then clicking the tab, a print-out is achieved. If no tab, then using the mouse and right control, a drop down list on the screen gives various options. Sometimes it shows a print option, other times no print option is shown. So no printing method seems not possible.

Been in touch with Brother support, and they have suggested trying different browsers, but attempting this just doesn't seem to resolve the problem. Tried Chrome and Google but not Internet Explorer, because I do not use that browser.

With XP I could use the 'tools' facility, with W7 this option doesn't appear possible, or at least I cannot find this option?.

Any ideas that you might think will resolve this issue. According to the Brother website, I am using the latest version drivers, which apparently covers W7?.

This is the previous link covering yesterdays transfer of printers click here

  rdave13 20:29 05 Jun 2014

I don't use Chrome as I dislike it but there must be an equivalent to the 'command bar' on it ,same as IE, that you can add to the top of the browser? Or even a printer icon you can add?

  rdave13 20:36 05 Jun 2014

Ctrl + P will give the print options? From here.

  spuds 23:30 05 Jun 2014


You have come to the rescue again, which I thank you most dearly.

Brother wasn't able to resolve the issue or offer any suggestions othen than try different browsers.

Before posting, I did try to do a Google search, but didn't find anything of use. So thank you once again.

  rdave13 23:52 05 Jun 2014

spuds , for some reason IE, as part of the OS, has always had a bad press. Since the beginning of XP I've always used IE as my main browser. Still use IE8 on a tiny netbook and continue to use IE11 on Win 8.1. I really don't see how Chrome is better than it, as I've tried a lot of browsers in my time.

Firefox is now mimicking Google Chrome for some strange reason. That's why I use Pale Moon as a second browser for backup now.

Still, if you're up and running, then that's all that matters.

Thanks for the feed back.

  spuds 00:13 06 Jun 2014

I think what I may do later today, is have a bit of a 'play around' with some various browser's with the printer and W7 , and see what those experiments bring?.

At least with the Ctrl + P I am now able to print, where I was unable before, on occasions.

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