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  paulr1949 14:56 05 Nov 2011

Hi I've just taken delivery of a new windows 7 PC, with i5-2500k/8gb/SSD/1TB HDD, Asus p8z68-v lx motherboard. Everything was going fine with setting up until it came to printers. I have 3 printers connected - Brother HL2030 laser, HP Photosmart D6160 and Epson Stylus photo R2400 - and NONE of them will work. All three came up with "your device is installed correctly etc etc" message. I can't print documents or even a test page. I've downloaded and installed Brother's W7 driver - zilch. HP site says you lose most of the functionality of toollbox etc but "the windows 7 default driver should work" - it doesn't. Likewise the Epson. I've tried 3 or 4 times to reinstall them all, deleting each first from the control panel, and absolutely no joy. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong but can't figure out what - can anybody help please? Paul

  difarn 17:45 07 Nov 2011


You could try this:- Right-click on the download and click on "Properties" Navigate to "Compatability" tab Click on "Run this program in compatability mode for..." choose your Operating System Check the "run as administrator" installer will start and follow the prompts

I chose the easy way out by connecting my printer to my router - making sure it had the correct IP address and it is available for my home network.

  paulr1949 17:58 07 Nov 2011

Hi Difarn

The Brother driver download is supposedly for Windows 7 and only has options to run in Vista/Server 2000 moide :(

Unfortunately my router does not have a usb port, so I can't connect a printer to it.


Paul Reeve

  difarn 18:39 07 Nov 2011

Hi Paulr1949

Two things come to mind..

  1. Have you installed the correct drivers i.e 32 or 64 bit?
  2. Do you have Windows 7 SP1 installed? This sometimes prevents printers from working. If you do can I suggest that you delete this and reinstall your printer drivers and see if this solves the problem.



  paulr1949 18:49 07 Nov 2011

Hmm, I've checked and SP1 was already installed pre-delivery so I guess I'm stuffed there. And as far as I know everything is for 64bit, the Brother driver folder has sections for both so I guess it works it out :) The others should be using the standard windows 7 driver.


  difarn 18:54 07 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Perhaps my earlier reply wasn't quite clear - when I said "choose your operating system" I meant "choose the operating system you want to use in compatability mode" - I would choose Vista.

See if this helps.

Regards again


  difarn 19:33 07 Nov 2011

Hi again,

Just come across a piece of advice from another person having the same problems as you - advice is to plug in a printer, apply any windows update doesn't matter what - there may be some listed in your updates as optional - try Silverlight if not, unplug the printer and then plug it back in again.

Worth a try.

Good luck


  pcologist 11:49 09 Nov 2011

Hi guys I have just weathered through this problem its to do with the 64bit system v win7 driver confusion I got round this by using the HP HPSDU tool just accepted the defaults.It sorted the problem removed the manufacturers downloaded driver and then installed the win 7 driver from Windows-updates find it at: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=oj-96507-1&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&jumpid=regr1002uken best of Luck.

  paulr1949 17:13 09 Nov 2011

Hi pcologist and difarn

Well it sort of worked! The link from pcologist actually goes to a scanner utility program, but I rooted around and eventually found a printer utility. I ran this and connected up the HP D6160. It gave me an ink cartridge error, so I connected the printer to the old PC and found the problem to be an expired cartridge. Reset it in XP, plugged the printer back in the new PC and sort of printed a pdf - it printed a few lines at a time, had a rest, then some more etc. Eventually resetting everything again cured that and I have successfully printed a page from a pdf - so fingers crossed! I am now going to try difarn's suggestion for one of the other printers & hope something happens.


  paulr1949 17:54 09 Nov 2011

Good news and bad news.

Good news - looks like the HP fix has worked (still got fingers crossed!)

Bad news - still can't get the Brother to work. Have downloaded and reinstalled the Brother windows 7 64-bit driver and installed the Brother status monitor - and this just shows "offline" all the time despite Control Panel saying the printer is ready.

Ho Hum - I'm out of ideas again


  paulr1949 17:56 09 Nov 2011

Forgot to say Difarn - I tried downloading Silverlight, unplugged the printer, plugged it in again, but no joy there either


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