Unable to install Windows 10 - error 0xC1900101 -

  Bailey08787 17:34 04 Aug 2015

Oh how I despise Windows error codes - why can't they just tell you how to fix the thing rather than give some random error code that you have to trawl through the internet looking for solutions. and why can't Windows 10 just put provisions in place to prevent such error codes? I've never used a Mac, but I bet their OS upgrades just install without a hitch / without requiring the user to spend days on end trying to find out what the incompatibility / driver issue is.

Anyway, rant over.

I'm trying to upgrade 8.1 to 10. It goes through the download process, has a go at installing it, fails, helpfully gives me the error code: 0xC1900101 - 0x20017, returns me to 8.1.

I've done some searching, i've tried removing various things from device manager, disabling anti-virus software, turning off wifi during installation, all to no avail.

Please someone tell me there's a straightforward and easy answer out there. When I was 20-25 I would happily squirrel away on the internet searching for a problem to such problem. Now that I am 37 with wife, kids, mortgage, the last thing I want to be doing is faffing around with Windows error codes.

Clear, straightforward solutions very welcome

(am really its not a case of "try this", "try that" "try this" "spend your precious social/family hours disabling/enabling every piece of hardware/software ever installed until you chance upon a configuration that Windows 10 likes the look of")

  robin_x 21:26 09 Aug 2015

You could also search, peruse and Participate (post) in the Microsoft Community for W10 problems.

Sorry couldn't be more help. Please let us know how you get on, and of course if you have any questions.

  yvonneid 23:11 09 Aug 2015

I finally managed to install w10 on my original (nonSSD) drive, over win7, then removed that drive, put back one of my SSD's and installed W10 to that from a bootable CD which I created a few days ago. What a faff! My estimation is that on my system at least, W10 didn't want to install onto a non original drive, or that it had a problem with trying the first install ("upgrade") onto an SSD. I see failures mentioned a lot with SSD's, is it something about those drives? Now that I have win10 installed I'm not that keen on the typeface. Even with tweaking I find it harder to read.

  Bailey08787 17:07 10 Aug 2015

None of the suggested solutions in the below worked for me, but may do for others

click here

  laptopdunce 08:41 11 Aug 2015

This is SO MUCH like the problems I had with my Acer E15 1tb intel N3530 laptop!!! DITCH WINDOWS 10!!! and go back to the original W8.1 operating system!! the problem is that NO_ONE on here KNOWS what the answer is to this problem!! GET RID OF W10!!! its really not worth the effort!! your laptop will jam up COMPLETELY soon and you will HAVE to go back to the origin factory settings!!! I got told off for being SO FURIOUS in my description of this heap of grit (you know what I mean!!!???) have to put PC Politically correct namby pamby words to satisfy the BRIGADE of anal retents on here who only pick and tear apart a VALID AND LEGITIMATE post!!! Latpopdunce

  robin_x 13:31 11 Aug 2015

Count to 65536

  Bailey08787 07:51 15 Aug 2015

still no solution

  yvonneid 08:00 15 Aug 2015

Bailey, have you tried installing to the other drive, presumably not an SSD? That was the solution in my case. Bit of a pain having to put windows 7 back onto that drive first, but at least enabled me to install windows 10 over it. Just as a matter of interest, what brand is your computer?

  robin_x 09:22 15 Aug 2015

I've seen one other report (forget which thread, maybe on digispy pc help pages) where ssd had to be removed and the original hdd used for the upgrade, then reclone back to the ssd etc.

For a few people it is an awful faff. My sympathies are with you.

  Bailey08787 11:53 16 Aug 2015

I have a Dell XPS 15 9530. I have an SSD and a HDD. I don't want to lose the data from either, so am reluctant to clone one over on top of the other.

I've tried disconnecting the HDD for the Win 10 install but to no avail. I've updated all of the Dell drivers / bios.

  robin_x 13:58 16 Aug 2015

If all your data is on two drives, you are unlikely to lose anything.

Also if you have an external drive, make a Macrium Free Backup there too.


Refit HDD and try upgrade with that. (if SSD upgrade fails) Use the W10 Media Creation Tool to make a Flash drive or download the iso file.

Run the setup.exe

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