Unable to install Windows 10 - error 0xC1900101 -

  Bailey08787 17:34 04 Aug 2015

Oh how I despise Windows error codes - why can't they just tell you how to fix the thing rather than give some random error code that you have to trawl through the internet looking for solutions. and why can't Windows 10 just put provisions in place to prevent such error codes? I've never used a Mac, but I bet their OS upgrades just install without a hitch / without requiring the user to spend days on end trying to find out what the incompatibility / driver issue is.

Anyway, rant over.

I'm trying to upgrade 8.1 to 10. It goes through the download process, has a go at installing it, fails, helpfully gives me the error code: 0xC1900101 - 0x20017, returns me to 8.1.

I've done some searching, i've tried removing various things from device manager, disabling anti-virus software, turning off wifi during installation, all to no avail.

Please someone tell me there's a straightforward and easy answer out there. When I was 20-25 I would happily squirrel away on the internet searching for a problem to such problem. Now that I am 37 with wife, kids, mortgage, the last thing I want to be doing is faffing around with Windows error codes.

Clear, straightforward solutions very welcome

(am really its not a case of "try this", "try that" "try this" "spend your precious social/family hours disabling/enabling every piece of hardware/software ever installed until you chance upon a configuration that Windows 10 likes the look of")

  Bailey08787 17:51 04 Aug 2015

edit: 'am really [hoping] its not a case of....'

  Bailey08787 12:29 05 Aug 2015

everyone else stumped?

  yvonneid 20:06 07 Aug 2015

Me too :-( Even freshly installed Windows 7 and physically removed a second hard drive from my laptop, to no avail. Stumped! Hope Microsoft come up with an easy solution soon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:07 08 Aug 2015

start -run type cmd

type sfc /scannow press enter and wait for windows to replace missing or corrupt files

when cmopleted retry to update to win 10.

  robin_x 11:35 08 Aug 2015

Use the Media Creation Tool to make USB Flash or download the iso

Run Setup from the Flash or Mounted iso (right-click iso and Open with Explorer)

W7 users need a mounting tool. See winCDemu


All other devices, except keyboard and mouse) might need to be disconnected for the upgrade.

And AntVirus/Tune-up utilities disabled or uninstalled.

  yvonneid 09:27 09 Aug 2015

Thanks, but have tried those things too, to no avail. Have now replaced the original hard drive into the laptop and have removed both SSD's. Now in the middle of reinstalling windows 7 to the clean drive, then will try windows 10 again. Don't know why Microsoft couldn't have made it easier, by only having to provide the win7 license key, instead of having to have it installed on the drive. What a waste of time having to do all the updates to an operating system I will then get rid of. Crazy!

  robin_x 11:42 09 Aug 2015

It only has to be at SP1. Control Panel > System

SP1 was ages ago. You don't need the updates after that.

  robin_x 11:44 09 Aug 2015

Don't install with multiple drives attached.

  Bailey08787 20:24 09 Aug 2015

i took the time to open up my laptop and disconnect the 2nd HDD - so only my SSD with windows 8.1 was attached (and no other devices) - still get same error when trying to install

  robin_x 21:18 09 Aug 2015

Found this 4 page thread, with recent extra posts.

Source: click here

I'm afraid it will be a slog and a trawl to try all the ideas.

Sadly, you can't do a Clean Install until you have Upgraded (to gain W10 official activation)

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